Frugal Foodie Mama: List #6 - My Least Favorite Words & Phrases

Monday, March 28, 2011

List #6 - My Least Favorite Words & Phrases

Well, I skipped List #5. Saving it for later this week, and you will see why then.  ;)  Today's list is my least favorite words and phrases...

  • "Nom, nom, nom"- I apologize, but this so irks me.  Who actually makes that sounds when they eat anyways??
  • spontaneous abortion - I am loathing this word more and more. I just hate that the they use the word abortion in the medical term for a type of miscarriage.
  • "See You Next Tuesday" - I hope I don't need to explain that one without actually typing out THE WORD.
  • homophobes - This one bugs me because you are describing ignorant or hateful people as having a phobia?? No, they do not have a phobic condition. They have a closed mind condition.  A judgmental condition.  Not a phobia.
  • Stage 5 Clinger - Hate. this. term. Don't care who it is directed to, but it is usually uttered out of the mouth of someone who has trouble committing.
  • "It's part of God's plan." - Maybe your God's plan, but not MY God's plan.
  • "Winning!" - This is one that has come to bear my hate recently, and needs no further explanation.
  • Can't
  • Anxiety - Has plagued me for years. The worst is when "attack" comes after that word.
  • Fetal demise - Again another cold, clinical medical term I would like to NEVER hear again.
  • Hopeless - Nothing is ever hopeless, and I hate when people say that.


  1. Since you read my blog, you probably have an idea of where I stand spiritually, and I definitely believe in God, but, yeah, "part of God's plan?" God loves me so much my babies died? I don't think so. I'm with you on that one and the abortion terms, and thankful that I never had to hear "fetal demise."

  2. Fetal demise is the term the ER doctor used with my first miscarriage. The baby had stopped developing at 6 weeks, but I was near 11 weeks when we found out. And my body didn't do what it needed to do on it's own.

  3. you are doing so much better than I am with the list thing... I've fallen off the wagon! Ugh! And I'm absolutely with you on the "nom nom nom" thing... I have OFTEN thought to myself "who actually says that when they eat??"

    Hope you had a good day love!


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