Frugal Foodie Mama: The Rules of Retail Engagement

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Rules of Retail Engagement

From my experiences today working my new job and from taking a brief trip to the grocery store, I have a few rules of retail engagement that I would like to pass on to everyone today:

1. Ladies, the shoe department of a store is NOT your own personal rummage sale.  If you try a shoe on, please put it back in IT'S box.  Then take that box back to where you found out. What?  Like 5 seconds of your life, right?  May seem like a small deal to you, but consider this- each woman tries on maybe 3-4 pairs of shoes every time that she shops for shoes.  Now if every woman who comes into a store doesn't put the shoes she tried on back, can you imagine what hell that salesperson's job probably is??  Yeah, like trying to bail water out of a sinking boat with a teaspoon. 

2.  If you are that person with the screaming child (and I am talking the all bloody hell, that kid has to be getting murdered, you can hear them no matter where you are in the store screaming kid), then it just may be time to postpone your shopping trip for another time.  Everyone (patrons & employees alike) are talking about you in hushed tones, and are judging you as a parent.  In most cases, they are probably right in judging you.  But it could be that your baby isn't feeling well, etc.  TAKE THEM HOME.  Shop at another time.

3.  Please don't be the checkout line creeper. You know the person who in their impatience to get further ahead in line, keeps creeping into your personal space??  A.  I am about to flip out my bank card to pay for this and you are on my ass.  Rude and you are invading my privacy.  B.  I can feel your breath on my neck. Back the hell up!