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Thursday, May 5, 2011

The best way to honor those whom we have lost is to celebrate the life that we do have.

As Mother's Day approaches, this ^^^ is the very thought that enters my mind.  Celebrating your life- the people in it, the moments that make each day, the smiles you share with others- is not always as easily done as it is said.  Sometimes the loss, the disappointment, the sadness gets in the way of celebrating the life that we do have.  And I know that is okay every once in a while.  But I will not let it be okay this Sunday.  I have too much to celebrate. We all have so much to celebrate that day...

Some of us will celebrate our mothers- the sacrifices they have made for us, the way that they shaped us into the women that we are today.  Some of us will celebrate the fact that maybe our mothers taught us more of what we didn't want to be than what we wanted to be.  Some of us will spend this Sunday with our mothers, sharing laughs and food, and our time.  Some of us will be remembering and rejoicing in the lives that our mothers once led... and missing them deeply.

Some of us will be celebrating the mothers that we have become- be it for 2 days, 12 years, or just a few brief moments within us.  We will spend Mother's Day with our babies (because let's face it- it doesn't matter how old they get; they will always be our babies) reveling in each moment, each hug, each stepping stone.  And some of us will be thinking of the babies that we couldn't hold anywhere else but in our hearts.  And for many of us, we will be doing both at the same time.

Some of us will spend part of this Sunday dreaming of the mothers that we want to become, should it be for the first time or again.  Some of us will be rubbing our swelling bellies, imagining how much our lives will change in just a a few short months.  And some of us will remember and smile, knowing that there was a fleeting moment at least once when our uterus became a womb and praying that it will be once again.

The best way to honor those whom we have lost is to celebrate the life that we do have.

We will all celebrate Mother's Day in our own ways.  Whether joyously or quietly, in person or in our hearts. 
For some of us who have experienced the loss of a baby, this coming holiday can quickly become a day of bitterness, of regrets, of jealously, of anger, and of hurt.  It is easy to be resentful of a day that celebrates everything that we are struggling to have, to become.
But please keep in mind that one day this will be a day that you will celebrate as a mother.  With your children.  With your mother (who will then be a grandmother).  Celebrate the knowledge that one day Mother's Day will be your day.

Happy Mother's Day to all- to the mothers with babies here; to the mothers with babies in their hearts; to the mothers who are making sacrifices, fighting everyday to have the children that they dream of become a reality at last. 

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  1. Thank you so much for participating in the Face of Loss, Faces of Hope May Blog Hop.....we're so honored you shared your blog with us!

    Such a moving powerful post! You are right, the best way to honor those we love that we've lost is to live our lives in a way that makes them proud. We do still have life here on this Earth, so we should celebrate that. Sometimes it is hard to remember that because the sorrow can be so loud. So I thank you for the reminder.

    Hoping you had a gentle Mother's Day.



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