Frugal Foodie Mama: Operation Stay Baby Stay

Friday, May 27, 2011

Operation Stay Baby Stay

In 9 days or less, I will know if we got pregnant this month...  And the wheels are already turning in my head.  I feel like I am starting to formulate a military operation strategy for how to avoid the landmines of the first trimester and the possible causes of miscarriage. 

I am going to be fastidious about my flanking maneuvers, where I will employ my defensive positions.  The objective is to STAY pregnant once I get pregnant. 
Oh, and I want to be very militaristic about what I consume, what activities I participate in all while trying to maintain a zen state of mind.  After all, it has been know that increased stress & feelings of anxiety can have a hand in pregnancy loss.

I see myself as the newly pregnant general holding the line, defending my bun baking temple.  I will have the strategic advantage this time of deploying progesterone suppositories, what I will refer to as my anti-aircraft defense weapon deflecting any possible attempt to deplete my hormone reserves.  I will have frequent ultrasounds to check on the progress of the objective (my baby snuggling in good and tight).  The intelligence I will receive in those first few weeks will be mind-boggling compared to my other campaigns to stay pregnant. 

I also realize that Operation Stay Baby Stay will need the emotional and spiritual support of my friends and family, just like a country needs the support of it's citizens to fight a war successfully.  So at this time, I am making a call for any and all possible allies to step forward and take up arms (hugs, positive thoughts, prayers, baby dust) with me. 
Even though I am not 100% sure that Operation Stay Baby Stay will be a go for next month, I am starting the recruiting process now for my "army".  Won't you sign up for a tour of duty?  :)

"Military power wins battles, but spiritual powers wins the wars." ~ General George Catlett Marshall