Frugal Foodie Mama: When Vintage Means Family... (Wedding Style Board #4)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

When Vintage Means Family... (Wedding Style Board #4)

My foundation is my family.  And now Patrick is joining my family, and I to his.  Our families will be our foundation and our cornerstone as we embark on this new journey together.  And hopefully we will be able to add to our families that we love and cherish so much.  It is very important to us both that at our wedding, on this wonderful day, that we honor our families that have helped bring us to this very point in our lives...  To each other.

From top left, clockwise:
  • My parents have been married for almost 35 years now.  This is the cake topper from their wedding cake, and now it will be ours.  I couldn't think of a more perfect way to top one of our lovely cakes.
  • I found this beautiful idea on will have the wedding portraits of our parents and grandparents framed and displayed on a table during the reception.  Their marriages are the very root of our marriage.
  • My mother fell in love with Depression ware as a young girl when she happened to buy a box of random dishes at an estate sale for a few dollars.  Within that box, she found the first few pieces that would start her lifelong collection of them.  These gorgeous plates will serve as the cake stands for our wedding cakes.
  • The vintage spoon bracelet is my gift to each of my bridesmaids.  I love the simple elegance of them, and the history that is behind each piece.  Each bracelet is unique, just like these important women in my life.  I found these handcrafted bracelets at SilverSpoonArt. (And I will also be wearing one the day of the wedding!)

"Always remember, there is nothing worth sharing
Like the love that let us share our name..." ~ The Avett Brothers