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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Don't Ignore the War on Women...

and what it could mean for the infertility community.  Some may ask how does the conservatives' apparent crackdown on women's reproductive rights affect people struggling with infertility? I mean, they are wanting to make sure more babies are born, right?  So, in theory you would think these politicians would be all for supporting infertility treatments therefore making more births of healthy babies to deserving couples possible, right?  Well, not exactly...

First, let's consider the various states in our country who have recently passed legislation making miscarriages an act that can actually be investigated and found to be a punishable crime by the law.  I have personally suffered two miscarriages, and the thought of law enforcement coming into my home or the hospital to question me about a possible fetal homicide is absolutely appalling.  The heartache, grief, and guilt were intense enough without an accusation from police that I had let this happen to my baby on purpose.  Tragically, miscarriages are all too common in the infertility community.  Women, like myself, who can get pregnant, but have trouble staying pregnant.  Women who have endured fertility medications, in-vitro, and IUI's, donor eggs and sperm, spent thousands of dollars just to ultimately end up losing their miracle babies to miscarriage.  And conservative politicians could possibly end up having these women spend time in jail on top of all of that??  

The personhood bills that have reached several state Senates lately could have lasting repercussions for couples depending on in-vitro fertilization to start their long awaited families.  Often in-vitro results in an overabundance of embryos that are then frozen for possible later use or donation, embryos that are inserted in the mother but never implant, and embryos that are not viable.  Personhood bills could make all of these embryos illegal, even possible victims of murder.  These types of legislation also threaten the use of stem cell research and genetic testing of embryos which could ultimately lead to an explanation and treatment for certain types of infertility.  

The war on women goes much deeper than conservative versus liberal.  Pro-life versus pro-choice.  Eliminating access to abortions is just the gateway.  The possible fate of all women's health issues, including infertility, hangs in the balance.  Please educate yourself.  Inform yourself instead of blindly voting along party lines.  Do not ignore this political war on women.  It could mean having your options to start a family drastically limited.  And for many, to have that dream completely placed out of reach.

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  1. Oklahoma did not pass the personhood act! Whoot!!! :) considering most of the medical care revolves around invitro here....I personally think it was a very smart decision! :)


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