Frugal Foodie Mama: My $15 Seven Day Grocery Budget Challenge: Taking Inventory

Saturday, May 19, 2012

My $15 Seven Day Grocery Budget Challenge: Taking Inventory

So, first things first.  If I am going to successfully complete my challenge this week, I have to take stock of what I already have on hand and utilize as many of those things as I can in the next seven days.  Fortunately, it seems like my pantry is pretty well stocked...

Then I took a peek in the freezer to see what I have stashed in there...

After doing a quick inventory, this is the menu that I planned for the week.  (Please note, we will be eating a lot of chicken next week. ;) )

Friday- Crock Pot Chicken Mole with rice and avocado slices (This was actually a meal I had planned for last week, but maybe wasn't made because we just may have had an impromptu carry out pizza night. ;) )
Saturday- Homemade Meat Sauce & Pasta with toasted garlic bread (A recipe for my easy homemade (and cheap!) pasta sauce will be forthcoming.)
Sunday- Buffalo Chicken Strips & fried potatoes
Monday- Leftover Night (pending that there are enough leftovers from Saturday and Sunday)
Tuesday- Breakfast for Dinner, Pancakes
Wednesday- Honey-Dijon Barbecued Chicken with broccoli & cheese
Thursday- Chicken and Dumplings
Friday- Made To Order Omelets, with any cheese & veggies that we have in the fridge & toast

The above menu is tentative.  I may have to move leftover night to another evening if I don't have an ample amount of leftovers by Monday.  I usually pack leftovers from the previous evening's dinner for my husband to take to work for lunch.  I am also planning on "roasting" two large split chicken breasts I have in the freezer some time midweek to use for the Chicken and Dumplings and for chicken sandwiches for the week for lunch (Click here for My recipe for "roasted" chicken in the Crock Pot).

Every couple of days I will update my blog with links to the recipes I made, what items I already had on hand and which ones I had to buy for each dinner.  
Tomorrow is grocery shopping day.  The day of truth.  Will I come out of the store with a grocery receipt under $15?  Stay tuned. ;)