Frugal Foodie Mama: My Family's 2012 Sand Pail List

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

My Family's 2012 Sand Pail List

Inspired by an article I read in my recent issue of Better Homes & Gardens and by a few family blog projects I have come across, I decided that my family and I need a Sand Pail List for the summer.  What is a Sand Pail List, you ask?  A Sand Pail List is a little like a Bucket List, but just for the summer.  My son is off from school.  The days are warmer & longer.  A Sand Pail List is a fun way to set some goals over summer break.  So, what is our Sand Pail List so far?

  1. Plant a raised garden bed and grow my own vegetables.
  2. Learn to can this summer. (And hopefully I will be canning some veggies that I grew myself in the aforementioned raised garden bed. ;))
  3. "Rough it" at least one night camping.  Roughing it for me means IN A TENT.  In a well established campground with people and running water nearby.  This does NOT mean the same thing to my husband and my son though.
  4. Go to at least one water park we have never been to before.
  5. Plan a trip to Kennywood complete with a stop at Sarris Chocolates for ice cream sundaes.
  6. Get to at least one Sunday Pirates home game with the husband and the kiddos.
  7. Go on a family outing to a drive-in movie theater.  We still have a few drive-ins open around here, and I want to take my children to one to experience it before they are all gone.  I still have fond memories of going to the drive-in with my parents and little sister, folding down the backseat with our blankets and eating popcorn and pizza.
  8. Plan 2-3 day trips to historical sites within a 2 hour drive.  We have a lot of Civil War history in this state- battlegrounds, Underground Railroad sites, etc.  '
  9. Run one 5K with my son before the end of the summer.  (Note: I have never run a 5K before.  Ever.)
Our Sand Pail List has a theme- fun things to do, but within a budget.  This will not be the summer of an extravagant trip to the beach or a Disney resort.  We are saving that for next summer. ;)  How about you?  Are you on a family fun budget this summer?  What are you planning on putting on your Sand Pail List for 2012?

Be looking for updates throughout these warm summer months as we cross things off our list and perhaps add a few new ones. ;)

*Last updated August 3, 2012