Frugal Foodie Mama: Pinspiration in the Kitchen- Better Than Pretty Much Everything Chocolate Cake

Friday, May 11, 2012

Pinspiration in the Kitchen- Better Than Pretty Much Everything Chocolate Cake

Better Than Pretty Much Everything Chocolate Cake?  Yep, the title for this recipe tempted my curiosity and pulled me in.  First of all, chocolate cake is my favorite cake flavor. And then we are going to make it better than pretty much everything??  I had to give it go.

This recipe inspired me to buy me first ever bundt pan. I know... crazy.  I have never owned a bundt pan in all of my baking life until a couple of weeks ago.  And I seriously bought said bundt pan JUST to make this recipe.  And now I am a total bundt pan convert.  Those of you who know me know all about my attempts at layered, frosted cakes.  I am pastry chef challenged.  My cakes always look questionable, but usually taste good. With a bundt pan, they always look pretty and hopefully always taste good. ;)

I found the recipe on the is this REALLY my life? blog.  Click on the link for the recipe- .

This cake turned out to be rich and decadent and pretty much irresistible.  (I *may* have ate 3 pieces of this cake on the first day... maybe.)  I made it for a girlfriend's belated birthday lunch and I think it was a pretty big hit.  Right, ladies?  ;)

The cake was fairly easy to make.  The baby did wake up from her nap right after I had poured the pudding mix into the batter.  I suggest mixing the batter fairly quickly after adding the pudding mix because it thickens pretty fast.  I did get a pretty good arm workout though.  :)  The really great thing about this cake is that you can be creative with the toppings after you have poured the chocolate glaze over the cooled cake.  I decided on toasted coconut and pecans. But you could do pretty much anything- chopped almonds, M&M's, crushed candy bars, mini chocolate chips... go crazy!  I foresee myself experimenting with the toppings on this cake again very soon. 

A quick tip for you- cut yourself a slice of this cake and then zap it in the microwave for about 12 seconds.  The chocolate chips in the cake get all ooey and gooey.  Ah-mazing!

To go directly for this pin for repinning, click here-