Frugal Foodie Mama: Summer Blog Challenge, Day 26- What My Husband Does That Makes My Heart Melt

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Summer Blog Challenge, Day 26- What My Husband Does That Makes My Heart Melt

*As a preface, I did get permission from my husband before posting this. ;)

My husband is the sappiest person I know.  Period.  It doesn't take much for the waterworks to start.  
He shed a few tears as we said our wedding vows.
He cried tears of joy when he saw our daughter on the ultrasound screen and heard her heart beat.
We joked that we would need to have at least 2 boxes of tissues in the delivery room when baby girl was born.  And that may not have been too much of an exaggeration. ;)
There are evenings when I have walked in on my husband holding our sweet little girl on his chest as she slept, and tears were in his eyes and streaming down his face.  He couldn't believe that she was really here with us.  That he had a child of his own.
It breaks his heart to see his mother's mind slipping... wondering how much she will remember about her granddaughter.  Her life.  His childhood. I have held him as tears of utter sadness and helplessness fell from his eyes.

These are the things that my husband does that makes my heart melt.  He isn't afraid or ashamed to let himself feel emotions.  To be overcome by them.  To show them.  To share them with me. <3

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  1. John can be like that too! It is incredible when they wear their emotions on their sleeves like that. John works out of state, and after Maggie was born, he shed tons of tears every time he had to leave for work again.


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