Frugal Foodie Mama: Summer Blog Challenge- Day 4, The Evolution of a Mother's Blog

Monday, June 4, 2012

Summer Blog Challenge- Day 4, The Evolution of a Mother's Blog

Today's challenge is to blog about the meaning behind my blog's name.  My blog has evolved quite a bit over the past year and a half since it's inception.  When I first started my blog (then named The Preggo Foodie), I used it mostly to post my original recipes, to pass the time in my third pregnancy.  8 weeks into that pregnancy, I lost my baby.  Then my blog became something different. Something more than just posting recipes.  That had been my second miscarriage in a row, and even though I had had given birth to my son 13 years before I was deemed as having secondary infertility.  Thus, the blood tests and ultrasounds and surgery followed.  My blog changed.  It chronicled our journey towards getting pregnant, and then my joyous, fearful, beautiful story about being pregnant with my baby girl.  My blog then became A Mother's Heart.  

Since the birth of my sweet daughter, my blog evolved yet again.  Before her birth, my husband and I knew that we wanted for me to stay at home with her for as long as we could financially manage.  Now my blog is about how we are making that happen.  Muddling my way through budgeting, but refusing to relinquish my foodie status. ;)  I still want to eat well, buy local and organic, and prepare my family healthy & tasty meals without breaking the bank.  Because the more money we can save every month, the longer I can call myself a stay-at-home mother.  Now my blog is aptly named Frugal Foodie Mama.