Frugal Foodie Mama: Summer Blog Challenge, Day 42- Favorite Vacation I Have Taken

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Summer Blog Challenge, Day 42- Favorite Vacation I Have Taken

Although my Disney World vacation with my son a couple of years ago comes in a VERY close second as my favorite vacation of all time, Puerto Rico with my husband last June takes the prize.  Maybe Disney would have edged out Puerto Rico if it had not been a "working" vacation (I taught at a Montessori school at the time, and Disney was our big field study that school year. And yes, I was teaching and supervising children who were not mine most of the time. ;) )  

My husband is a talented salesperson, and this trip to Puerto Rico was almost entirely paid for because of his wonderful salesmanship. ;)  We used his well-deserved award as our honeymoon trip.  Please note, other than the Florida Keys I have never been off of the continental United States.  

We actually found out I was pregnant with Little Miss the day before we left for Puerto Rico. So, the drink you see pictured above became my favorite vacation drink- Mad About Mango.  Just Sprite and fresh mango puree.  I drank it all. the. time. that entire week. ;)

Our tour of El Yunque Rainforest was an amazing highlight of our trip.  Just gorgeous and awe-inspiring.  The waterfall was probably my favorite part.  It was so cool and refreshing, and the water tasted so pure.

So many opportunities for beautiful photography!  We purposely got up just once before 6am just to see a Puerto Rican sunrise (middle photo).  The photo to the very right will always be meaningful and special to me.  We were returning from a day on the island, and I was contemplating this new life growing inside, and felt the anxiety rising.  I happened to look up and there was an amazing rainbow in the sky.  I instantly felt better, reassured. <3

We also spent an entire day in Old San Juan.  Such a beautiful city steeped in so much history.  I mean, this place literally oozed history.  Which I adored since I am such a huge history buff.  All of the photos above were taken at El Morro, one of two forts situated in Old San Juan.  El Morro was built in the 16th century... so surreal.

Hope you enjoyed all the photos!  There were so many, and I had a very hard time paring it down to the many that I do have posted here! ;)  By the way, the blue cobblestone streets (pictured all the way at the bottom right) were so neat to see and walk on.  How many other feet had tread on those very same stones before us?

What is a favorite vacation that you have took?