Frugal Foodie Mama: Summer Blog Challenge, Day 47- A Random Act of Kindness

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Summer Blog Challenge, Day 47- A Random Act of Kindness

Writing this post for today's Summer Blog Challenge reminded me of something that I witnessed myself some time last year in a Starbucks restroom...

It was posted beside the mirror in the women's restroom.  I didn't know at the time that there was a "name" for this, but I knew that I was touched enough by it to snap a quick pic of it with my cell phone.

Then some time last week a friend of mine on Twitter tweeted about something called Operation Beautiful.  And then it dawned on me that the post-it note I had seen in the bathroom over a year ago had to be part of that!  The mission of Operation Beautiful is to help end negative self-talk, especially with young girls and women.

Ever since I saw that note on that mirror, I have been wanting to do something similar myself.  I just never got around to it.  But then I got that gentle reminder last week. And this blog prompt this week. (Remember those nudges from the universe I mentioned in my 15 Tips to Get Through Life post??)
So, this week I am challenging myself to post at least 3 of these inspiring post-it notes in 3 different public places...

To learn more about Operation Beautiful, click here.