Frugal Foodie Mama: Summer Blog Challenge, Day 52- Have You Seen My Raised Garden Bed Lately??

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Summer Blog Challenge, Day 52- Have You Seen My Raised Garden Bed Lately??

Today's Summer Blog Challenge prompt is to give your best gardening tip.  Well, I am not really feeling super confident in my gardening skills at the moment.  This is what my garden looked like today...
Yeah, it is not looking all that great.  *sigh* Remember when I excitedly started my raised garden bed?  So full of hope and bountiful anticipation?  (Click here if you need to refresh your memory.)
So far my garden has produced 2 tomatoes that were not really edible and 1 jalapeno pepper that I actually used earlier this week.  I have about 3 more jalapenos that may be ready in a week or two.  My poblano peppers did absolutely squat.  De nada. :/
Not sure exactly where I went wrong, but I do have one gardening tip for you.  Don't get discouraged.  And don't completely throw in the towel.  Yeah, I know my raised garden bed is pretty much a bust at this point.  But I still have my herbs growing well, and I also seem to have raised a hosta or two from what seemed like certain death by deer munching...

And there is always next year, right? ;)


  1. great post...def just never give up! :D

  2. I think it's been a particularly difficult growing season least here. Between the high heat, humidity, and pummeling rain's been hard on the plants. Perhaps next year will be a better year. :)

    (As a side note, I remember one year we planted rows of potatoes and were so excited about the yield. Ended up getting ONE tiny potato. And then we lost it between the garden and house. Oh well. We tried other vegetables the next year with more success.)

  3. At least you started it! I keep telling myself oh...every couple of months that I'm going to start one but no. I never do! I'm hoping when we move in October I'll feel motivated. New follower from GFC hop!


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