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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Frugal Foodie Finds for the Kitchen

So, I have decided that I need to brag just *a little* about some of the very awesome thrifting and yard sale kitchen finds I acquired over the weekend.  I am not sure if this will become a weekly series or not since I do not go yard saling and thrifting every weekend, but maybe a least once or twice a month? ;)

This was my first find at a yard sale last Friday.  And I almost missed it!  I had already perused what I thought was everything at a certain yard sale, only leaving with a couple of past issues of Whole Living magazine that were hiding in a "FREE, Please take" box.  But then I started chatting with one of the ladies holding the yard sale, and happened to glance back over at their front table.  And this couple of Mastering the Art of French Cooking was peeking out from under a box!  I have some blog ideas churning in my head for this one.  I will definitely not be attempting any Julie & Julia type projects, but maybe something faintly similar with a frugal twist? ;)

I have never owned a stand mixer, mainly because they tend to be pretty pricey.  I haven't been able to justify the purchase of one since I could just use my hand mixer and not be a lazy bum.  But this one was only $10... So, now I am kind of excited to make my next batch of homemade whipped cream or meringue. ;)

This might be my favorite frugal find of the weekend.  I picked up these vintage toadstool salt & pepper shakers from my local Goodwill for only 49 cents each!

I couldn't resist because they look too darn cute with my garden gnome shakers! :)

How about you?  Did you thrift any fabulous finds for your kitchen this past weekend?