Frugal Foodie Mama: Summer Blog Challenge, Day 62- Handmade Gifts

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Summer Blog Challenge, Day 62- Handmade Gifts

Okay, so I know that it is officially August today.  Christmas in July is over, but today's Summer Blog Challenge is to share with you all some handmade gifts.  So I am sharing the foodie gifts I made for my husband's brothers and sisters last Christmas.  Last Christmas was our first Christmas on a major budget.  Coming up with Christmas gifts for six siblings while on a very tight budget forced me to become a bit creative with our gift giving.  (Yes, you read that right.  I have six brother and sister-in-laws. ;) )

I decided to make each of the six families jarred mixes for the holidays...
This is the Cinnamon Hot Chocolate mix I made & funneled into Mason jars.  I included little instructions on how to mix up a mug and gingerbread man marshmallows in resealable bags.  I tied cinnamon sticks to each jar with ribbon. :)  
CLICK HERE to get the recipe I used.

I also whipped up some cookies mixes in jars for each family.  I printed out and attached instructions for what to add to the mix and how to bake them.  I also tied little metal Christmas cookie cutters to each jar with ribbon.
CLICK HERE to get the recipe I used.

To decorate each of the jars, I bought wide holiday ribbon at the craft store.  I cut pieces of the ribbon to fit each jar and attached them with hot glue.

Do you make handmade gifts for the holidays?  What is one of your favorite gifts to make?


  1. I love getting the mixes in the jar for presents!

  2. I just bought jars at IKEA for this precise purpose! So cute!

  3. friggin brilliant!

    i had the same money issue last year so i actually made batches of blueberry butter in the summer and gave those away along with snow globes i made from some cheap craft stuff and mason jars. i also hand made my christmas cards (we're talking coloring crayons, etc)... and while it did look like a 5 year old made them, they were much more impactful (and loved!) than generic store bought ones.

    side note: if you want to save even more money in making these kinds of gifts, watch craigslist, usedEverywhere, etc... and street corners with boxes for used jars. often they're given away for free or much cheaper than new from the store.

    1. I always look for Mason jars (really any kind of cool glass jars or containers) when I visit yard sales.

      I am hoping to can some kinds of jams, jellies, or butters over the summer and early fall. This is my first summer canning! :) Just made a small batch of homemade salsa with almost all local ingredients this past week. There will be a post on that some time next week. And I will have to link it up to Fresh Foods Wednesday. ;)

  4. I did this one year for all my coworkers in my office because they were all about gift giving and I was young and did not know what get them. They LOVED it!

  5. I love these things! I usually end up not ever opening them, though. They're too pretty to actually use! lol

  6. I am already brainstorming ideas for this Christmas! :) Might do jars of sundae toppings... Maybe. ;)


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