Frugal Foodie Mama: Summer Blog Challenge, Day 63- In My Dream Home...

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Summer Blog Challenge, Day 63- In My Dream Home...

I am going to get really George Jetson here and say that my dream home would have a self-cleaning option.  You flip a few switches and voila! All clean.  Dog hair- gone!  Dirty clothes on my son's bedroom floor- gone!  Dirty dishes in the sink- done! You get the gist. ;)
But alas, that technology is not available quite yet.  Or maybe just isn't available to us regular, mainstream folks right now. ;P

So, okay what would my dream house have?
A roomy, airy retro style kitchen... love the crisp white and blue combo in this one.

Or how about more of a vintage painted wood look?  Love the prep sink in the center island!

I also adore southern style wraparound porches like the one pictured above.  My dream home would have to have an outdoor space like this.  

Love the outdoor ceiling fans and the huge hanging ferns.  I could easily see myself enjoying a hot cup of coffee in the morning sitting on either one of these gorgeous porches. ;)

What features would your dream home have?


  1. Love the porches!
    And the kitchens, of course... I knew I'd see a few great kitchens in this post. :p

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE the first kitchen!!

  3. When I used to live in Charlotte, NC, I saw the wrap-around porches. It was interesting to see the variety of ways people furnished and decorated them. The kitchen pictures are wonderful. I wish my kitchen were that big.

    As a side note, you asked about canning on my blog. If you go to Fleet Farm or Wal-Mart, there are canning starter kits. They have all the equipment and instructions you need.

    The most important things my parents taught me was to make sure that none of the jars have cracks or chips at the top (or they won't seal properly), to clean off the jars at the top with a wet paper towel and then dry it so the lids will seal tight, and to make sure all the lids sealed once they have been processed.

    I use a book called "Home Canning" also that is very helpful. It not only focuses on canning with water baths, but with freezing and drying food as well.


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