Frugal Foodie Mama: What I Have Learned as a Blogger & a Few Tips for the Newbies...

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

What I Have Learned as a Blogger & a Few Tips for the Newbies...

I by far do not consider myself a master blogger.  I have been at this blogging thing now for a year and a half.  And I have learned so much.  If you care to see just how much I have learned and grown, please feel free to click on over to my blog archive and look at a few of my posts from January or February of 2011.  It took me a while to find what they in the blogger world call your "voice".  But I found it, and haven't shut up since. ;)

So, what is my advice?  
First and foremost, let your blog be a reflection of who YOU are.  Not what you think other people want to read.  But what you want to write.  If your writing isn't genuine, if it is forced, do not think for one second that your readers will not pick up on that.  They will.  If you are loud and brash and that is what is comfortable for you, then be that.  If people don't like your "voice", then they do not have to follow you.  I know we all want followers.  But want followers for the right reasons.  If your writing is genuine, people will read.  

Your blog is allowed to EVOLVE.  It is okay.  You grow.  You change.  You evolve.  If your blog is a true reflection of you, then it should also grow and change with you.  So yes, that may mean a blog title change.  I have changed mine three times in the past year and a half!  But it needed it.  I changed.  My purpose for blogging changed.  It might also mean redesigning your blog to reflect the new you.  That is okay too.  Yes, it is possible that you may lose followers when you change blog direction.  But you will also gain new followers and make new friendships in your journey.  

If you are a brand spanking new blogger, I wouldn't suggest jumping right in to having ads on your blog.  I know it is tempting because a little extra cash would be nice, but you may find yourself in way over your head.  Find your voice.  Get your bearings.  Find your blogging rhythm.  Once you feel comfortable and a bit more established, then start out by adding a few ads to your blog if that is a blog goal for you.  I just started accepting ads on my page last month, and even though I felt like I delivered all that I promised (if not more) to my sponsors, I realized I also felt overwhelmed.  I had to reevaluate that for this next coming 30 days and scaled back on the ad spots I now offer.  

And lastly, if blogging isn't enjoyable, if you are dreading writing posts, then it is time to stop and figure out why.  Blogging shouldn't be a burden, right?  If it is, then something isn't quite right.  Have you lost your focus?  Your inspiration?  Have you started blogging for the wrong reasons?  Have you not allowed your blog to grow and evolve with you?  Just WHO have you started writing for anyways?  

My "experienced" bloggers out there- What are some things that you wish you had known or  wished that maybe another blogger had shared with you when you were a newbie blogger?

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