Frugal Foodie Mama: Why Didn't I Get the Sewing Gene?? (SBC- Day 68)

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Why Didn't I Get the Sewing Gene?? (SBC- Day 68)

Today's Summer Blog Challenge prompt is to talk about a skill that you wish that you had.  
I so wish that I could sew.

I have never been very skilled with a thread and a needle.  This has been my curse ever since I took Home Economics in high school.  For the sewing semester, we got to choose a stuffed animal to sew and stuff and take home.  I had decided that I would make this fluffy white kitty cat to give to my younger sister.  It looked like a cat.  But it wasn't pretty...  I felt bad for that kitty.  And for my sister. ;p

My mom is a sewing whiz.  She always made my sister and I's Halloween costumes, and they were often unique and very detailed.  She sewed baby doll clothes for our Cabbage Patch dolls.  She has hemmed almost every pair of my pants & jeans that were much too long for my 5'1" frame.  My mother even hemmed my wedding gown, removed the train that I didn't really care for, and then used the material from that discarded train to make me a matching bolero jacket...

My sister can knit and make beautiful hats and scarves.  But me?  De nada.  No crafty needle skills whatsoever. 
The sewing gene obviously skipped me in my family. 

What is one skill that you wish that you had?


  1. Your mom sounds a lot like my mom too. Super skilled with a needle, thread, and sewing machine. She would make costumes for Halloween and dance as well; and sew lots of shirts, shorts, and pants for us when we were kids.

    Your wedding dress is beautiful! I like how your mom altered it and created the jacket for it. Great idea!

  2. I never had a store bought costume until I was 26 years old. That is how good my mother is at sewing. She even made my prom dress! If someone needed something sewn they always turned to my mother. I still do! She is currently working on a panda bear costume for my little one and a Scarlett O'Hara dress for me (oh yeah, the green one of course).

    I was lucky to inherit at least a portion of her gift. I can sew by hand and on the machine, but I could never create a pattern or create one. So costumes are out of the questions. What is it with moms and their magical gifts? Now that I am a mother I can hardly wait to figure out what mine is.

    Your wedding dress is gorgeous!

    1. My mom is going to make a panda bear costume for my daughter's first Halloween costume this year too! :)

      I didn't mention that my mother actually made my wedding dress for my first marriage too. I couldn't find a single dress that I loved, so she made me my dream dress.

  3. WOW!! Your mom sounds amazing. Mine sewed my wedding dress. I can kind of sew. I was in 4H when I was younger, where I learned. I just started my first quilt last night. We'll see how it turns out.

    1. My mom sewed my wedding dress for my first marriage. ;)

  4. My Mom is the same way with sewing and perhaps she started my sewing phobia... since whenever I started a project she couldn't bear see it sitting unfinished so she would take the jumper or pillow or whatever I was working on and complete it for me. Shaking my head.... I enjoy sewing now. It is therapeutic!

    My Wished for Skill!

  5. I have no sewing gene either. My husband can sew and makes fun of me that I don't!

  6. Sewing is something I picked up on my own. No one taught me. I just wanted to learn and read a few good books on how toos. Your mom sounds like she is really good with sewing.

  7. I can't believe your mom made that little jacket! That's my very favorite part and what I think makes your dress so stunning.


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