Frugal Foodie Mama: A Clever Little Top Called Undercover Mama (and a Giveaway!)

Monday, September 24, 2012

A Clever Little Top Called Undercover Mama (and a Giveaway!)

I do not think it is any secret that I am huge advocate of a mother's and a baby's right to nurse wherever and whenever they need to.  Honestly, I just don't understand the ongoing debate on this one.  
The baby is hungry.  The mama makes the baby's food.  Baby eats when baby is hungry.  Mama feeds her baby. 
It really isn't rocket science to me.
And it really isn't anything more than that- a baby eating.  

That being said, there is absolutely no reason why us nursing mamas shouldn't be able to nurse in public comfortably and well, fashionably... right? ;)  I know some mothers use nursing covers or blankets when nursing in public.  And that works for some.  But if your baby is anything like mine, those covers and blankets just leave her hot and sweaty, and well... causing much more of a scene than if I had not used one at all.  This is where an Undercover Mama nursing shirt can save the day!
I have to say I was more than thrilled when I was offered the opportunity to review a Undercover Mama nursing shirt.  I can't lie- I have had my eye on one of these clever tops for quite a while.  This simple top can turn any shirt that you own into a nursing top.  How, you ask?  Easy.
You slip on your Undercover Mama nursing shirt much like you would a tube top.  See the nifty little hook hanging there?  

Yep, that slides right into the little loop on your nursing bra! 
(If I have failed to explain this clearly, please just CLICK HERE to see the ridiculously easy videos on the Undercover Mama website.)

See how cute the Undercover Mama shirt looks under my tank top?? ;) 
When I nurse, I just unhook the Undercover Mama top from my bra strap, unhook my nursing bra, and lift my tank on top.  
No more of the bare belly/side/lower back (ahem... muffin top) deal showing while breastfeeding your baby!  
My top tank is covering my breast and part of baby' head, but my mid-drift stays covered.  Clever, right?
There is also a handy little loop that you can attach to the hook on the nursing bra, and then unhook the bra and nursing top in one fell swoop!

Undercover Mama nursing shirts come in a variety of colors, and you can even get the black and white ones with a lace trim.  Plus, they are adding two new awesome colors to their line very soon! 

So, how would you like to win your own?  :)  Undercover Mama has been generous enough to offer one of my readers a $25 gift certificate to their online shop!  And, this giveaway is open to U.S. and Canadian residents! (<<< You have no idea how thrilled I am for my Canadian readers for this one. They do not get very much giveaway love.)
What do you have to do to enter?  It is a mandatory entry that you sign up for Undercover Mama's email newsletter.  Once you have completed that entry, the Rafflecopter will open up all of the additional ways for you to gain more entries.  The more you do, the better your chances of winning!  (And I do verify the winning entry, so make sure you actually do what you say you are doing!)
Good luck, mamas! :)

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