Frugal Foodie Mama: A Little Sunday Potluck- 10~13~12

Sunday, October 14, 2012

A Little Sunday Potluck- 10~13~12

Happy Sunday morning all!  Today I am doing a little something different for my ~A Little Sunday Potluck~- I am not the one hosting it! ;)  Sarah from Spoon Fed Baby is!  Sarah was kind enough to hop on over here and share with you all her top 5 blog finds from this past week while I am healing from a couple of corneal scratches courtesy of my baby girl.  Thank you so much, Sarah! :)

Hi new bloggy friends! I'm Sarah and I blog over at Spoon Fed Baby, and am super-duper excited today to be a part of Carrie's Sunday Potluck this week! I am a proud Mama to a 14 month old boy who is {thankfully} not walking yet (I fear though that when he learns, he will be running), and an awesome husband who {sometimes} reads my blog (hee-hee). You can usually find me click clacking away at my lap top about homemade baby food, sensory play ideas, and the occasional DIY. I am constantly pinning, clipping, and bookmarking my fave blog posts from recipes to play time ideas, so coming up with some awesome blog posts for The Sunday Potluck was a piece of cake. I hope you enjoy my great finds for the week! #1 comes from Aimee at Barns and Noodles (don't you love that name?). One of my most favorite "I can come up with an excuse to drink it anytime" drinks is chai tea! In this post she combines pumpkin and chai tea in the crock pot to make a wonderful fall drink. I can smell it simmering right now.

Going right along with the pumpkin fall theme #2 comes from Wholesome Baby Food Guide. This blog was my bible when it came to introducing baby food to my little guy. Maggie tells us how to make a pumpkin dip for kids that can be used for anything from a dip for apples to a spread on flat bread. So many options I don't know where to start!

My #3 fave post this week is from Katie at Playing with Words 365. She is my go to girl when it comes to my son's speech and language development. This week she shared some great gross motor activities that tie in language. My son is a bit young still but I bet some of you would love this especially because it's something to do indoors when the fall weather is too chilly outdoors.

#4 comes from one of my new favorite Mommy Blogs. Cassie from Two in Diapers writes about a "birthday reflection" as her son turns 3, and puts it perfectly into words how our love grows for our children with each passing day! Very touching (smile).

And last but certainly not least, #5 is from Your Kid's Table. This blog is truly a blog after my heart seeing that her posts are mostly about feeding young children and sensory play! Hello! Her latest post about the surprising amount of sugars in some kid's foods prompted me to switch out a few things. Granted, I still eat the sugary stuff, but at least my little guy doesn't!
Thanks again to Carrie for allowing me to put my 2 cents in about some awesome bloggy posts this week. I hope you find them just as wonderful as I did!