Frugal Foodie Mama: Calling All Etsy/Handmade Shop Owners!!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Calling All Etsy/Handmade Shop Owners!!

I want YOU for the holidays!!  Well, to promote you, at least. ;)
I have always been a huge champion and supporter of the small, handmade shops! (BUY LOCAL! BUY SMALL! BUY MAMA OWNED!)  In fact, my plan is to either make most of our holiday gifts for family and friends myself, or to make sure I buy from small online shops and/or to shop local.

I know November and December can be BIG money making months for all my online small shop owners out there.  More and more people are scouring the internet as the holiday season is starting to approach us, looking for unique gift ideas.  There is so much talent out there, so much creativity.  But how can anyone know that if they are not aware that your clever little shop exists??

This is where I can come in. ;)  I want to promote you, your shop, and creative wares!
For November & December ONLY, I am offering all small online shops 50% OFF all my ad spots, including my A Pinch ad spots!  That means you can purchase an ad with me for 30 days for anywhere between $1.50 and $5!!  Just use promo code HANDMADE at check-out.

But how about a FREE ad for 30 days instead??  No problem!  Just send me a little something to try out and review!  You will get a free ad, plus I will publish a review with a small shop spotlight to my blog during the month of your sponsorship.  

Okay, let's get this small shop shopping spree started, shall we?

Just visit my Sponsor Page HERE to get your 50% Off ad spot started! 

If you are interested in a FREE ad spot with a review, please email me and we can work a little something out. :)

Looking forward to working with you for the holiday season!