Frugal Foodie Mama: Tuesday10- Or Maybe Just 6? ~Halloween Costume Edition~

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Tuesday10- Or Maybe Just 6? ~Halloween Costume Edition~

So, this is my first time linking up at the Tuesday10 with Lena B, Actually.  This week's theme is Halloween costumes and I knew I had to jump right in there! ;) I love Halloween.  I have since I was a kid.  Every fall I would toss around my ideas with my mom for that year's perfect Halloween costume.  My mom is crafty and a bit of seamstress, so we never wore store bought costumes.  I have fond memories of my mother sewing myself and my Cabbage Patch doll matching yellow princess dresses to wear for trick or treat one year.  And there was the year I HAD to be a mermaid.  Using wire and sparkly mesh, that woman made me a mermaid tail.  There was also the year that I was a Rubik's cube fashioned from a huge cardboard box with pieces of colored construction paper glued to it's sides to make the squares.  These days I go with store bought costumes.  I cannot sew, and I am not an entirely crafty person.  But I do still like to get as creative as I can each Halloween.  My parents host an annual costume party, so I still have a reason to dress up even at 34. ;)
I couldn't find 10 photos of me in my Halloween costumes, but I did find 6!  I present them to you all below in no particular order...
This year's costume- A Geisha Girl

A Flapper (my husband, then boyfriend was a mobster ;) )

Okay, so this was not for Halloween.  I wore this Tinkerbell get-up while I was in Disney a couple of years ago.  But YEARS ago, I did dress up like Tinkerbell once for Halloween- that is the very same dress I wore then too actually. 

Last year I dressed up as a knocked up pirate wench.  I was pregnant with baby girl then.

Oh, my younger days... ;)


Do you have a favorite costume you have worn as an adult or maybe as a child?  Tell me about it... :)