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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Wrapping Up My First Blog Angel Experience...

Today my month of being a Blog Angel and having a Blog Angel is coming to a close...  

As some of you all may recall, a couple of weeks ago I revealed who I am a blog angel for.  It was the lovely Julie from White Lights on Wednesdays.  For the first two weeks of October, I was secretly "stalking" her blog- commenting, pinning her awesome recipes, and sharing some of her blog posts.  I continued to do these things for the last two weeks of October, only no longer in secret. ;)  I got a little crazy giddy when I saw that Anderson Live had favorited the tweet I sent out about Julie's 10 Haunting Halloween Decorations post.  I thought for sure that it might end up on their PIN-TOBER SPOOKTACULAR board (how cool would have that been??).  But I guess Julie and I will have to settle for having the tweet favorited since I have yet to have seen her post pinned to the show's board. 
Julie also hopped on over to my blog and participated in my The BIG 300 All Treats (No Tricks!) Giveaway celebrating my blog reaching over 300 followers this past month.  I am hoping she got a few new followers, Likes, and readers in return. ;)

As I found out a couple of weeks ago, Sandra from Vegan Mother Hubbard is my October blog angel.  (To see her reveal post, CLICK HERE.)  Sandra has been an awesome blog angel! :)  She has become a regular reader and commenter on my blog, and her mad Pinning skills has been driving traffic to my recipe posts.  Some might say that Sandra would be an unlikely angel for me.  She is vegan. And well... I love meat.  But she has supported me in every way that she can... you know, minus the promoting my meat-themed recipes. ;)  We actually have a plan in the works for her to post a few veganized versions of a couple of my recipes, so be on the lookout for those before too long!

My very first Blog Angel experience has been a wonderful one, and I will scrambling to get in on the December one as soon as sign-ups are open on November 10th.  
If you are interested in signing up for the next round of Blog Angels, make sure you read THIS POST and follow Rosie at CraftboticQ.

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