Frugal Foodie Mama: My Get Your Java On Swap

Friday, November 2, 2012

My Get Your Java On Swap

Okay, I got just a little swap happy this past month.  And yes, this is my second swap reveal post of the day.  ;)  A couple of weeks ago, I also signed up to participate in the Get Your Java On: A Coffee & Tea Lover's Swap from Meagan at Local at Last.  I was paired up with Fran from FREEBorboleta.  Did I mention that Fran lives in Seattle?  You know, the birthplace of Starbucks?  And that I may have a *slight* love affair with Starbucks? ;)

So funny story about the mug she sent me... I didn't tell her that I collect these from different Starbucks.  But she must have java ESP or something because she sent me a Seattle one. ;) But I do have a rule about the Starbucks mugs that I collect- they must be from a place that I have personally visited.  I have been to Pittsburgh (a number of times). I have been to Puerto Rico (honeymoon!).  And I have been to the Big Apple.  But I have not been to Seattle.  I may have to make a trip out that way some time just to make my newest mug legit. ;)  Fran also sent me a bag of Starbucks Pike Place Roast coffee, the signature blend from the market where the first Starbucks opened.   

And chocolates!  :)  I always go for the dark round one first.  Why?  Because it is ALWAYS the dark chocolate covered coconut one- my favorite!  Thank you, Fran for the fabulous swap goodies!

Want to see what I sent Fran?  Click on over to her blog to see her Get Your Java On post.