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Friday, November 2, 2012

My Get Your Java On Swap

Okay, I got just a little swap happy this past month.  And yes, this is my second swap reveal post of the day.  ;)  A couple of weeks ago, I also signed up to participate in the Get Your Java On: A Coffee & Tea Lover's Swap from Meagan at Local at Last.  I was paired up with Fran from FREEBorboleta.  Did I mention that Fran lives in Seattle?  You know, the birthplace of Starbucks?  And that I may have a *slight* love affair with Starbucks? ;)

So funny story about the mug she sent me... I didn't tell her that I collect these from different Starbucks.  But she must have java ESP or something because she sent me a Seattle one. ;) But I do have a rule about the Starbucks mugs that I collect- they must be from a place that I have personally visited.  I have been to Pittsburgh (a number of times). I have been to Puerto Rico (honeymoon!).  And I have been to the Big Apple.  But I have not been to Seattle.  I may have to make a trip out that way some time just to make my newest mug legit. ;)  Fran also sent me a bag of Starbucks Pike Place Roast coffee, the signature blend from the market where the first Starbucks opened.   

And chocolates!  :)  I always go for the dark round one first.  Why?  Because it is ALWAYS the dark chocolate covered coconut one- my favorite!  Thank you, Fran for the fabulous swap goodies!

Want to see what I sent Fran?  Click on over to her blog to see her Get Your Java On post.


  1. Just dropping in to let you know you are being featured today as one of my awesome sponsors:) Have an super great weekend!!

  2. Thanks for joining in Carrie! I'm so glad you had fun participating. :) And how funny that Fran "knows" you so well!!! Love it!

  3. Oh my gosh... that is TOO funny about the mug. When I was at the cafe I debated for about 10 mins between that mug and another one that showed their HQ building haha Now you *have* to visit Seattle!

  4. What a great swap - those chocolates looks so so so yum.


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