Frugal Foodie Mama: Setting a Gorgeous Thanksgiving Table on the Cheap

Friday, November 9, 2012

Setting a Gorgeous Thanksgiving Table on the Cheap

Good morning, all!  Today I am so thrilled to have Jodi from Blue Skies and Apple Pies over here at the blog giving us some fabulous tips on how to deck out our Thanksgiving tables on a budget.  I am loving these ideas!  I see a trip to the dollar store in my future this weekend. ;) How about you?

Hi!  My name is Jodi and I blog over at Blue Skies and Apple Pies.  I am super excited to be sponsoring Frugal Foodie Mama this month and even more excited to be guest posting today!  If you head on over to my blog it will be super easy for you to see that two of my most favorite things are decorating and entertaining.  When you combine the two I am pretty much in Heaven!

So today I thought we could have a little chat about holiday centerpieces thrifty style.  The one thing that I don't love is spending a ton of money on something that you are only going to use for a little bit so I've become a self-proclaimed expert on scoping out deals, and you better believe that I've been thinking about my centerpiece since the day after Thanksgiving.

I put together two different table settings using items that were found for very inexpensive.  Most of the items came from The Dollar Tree {plates, napkins, jars}.  The first table setting used a lot of items that were free because they came from my yard!

I found small branches and twigs that I added to Dollar Tree Mason jars and I also scattered pine cones that I've collected to the setting.  To add a special Thanksgiving touch, have family write what they are thankful for on small paper tags and attach them with twine to the branches.  I used a brown grocery sack and hole punch to make my tags.  It worked perfectly and guess what?  It was free!

Other items such as the table cloth and wooden box were picked up at yard sales.

My only issue with the previous setting is that it lacked color.  I always pick up little pumpkins at the grocery store each year and there are so many cute ways that you can use these to decorate.  This next setting is definitely my favorite and probably the one that I will use this year for Thanksgiving dinner.

Similar to the previous setting I used paper bags and a hole punch to create tags with guests names.

In this setting I chose to use the Mason jars for drinking glasses.

And the best part is that most of these items came from The Dollar Tree!  There are so many inexpensive options out there and often it is easy to duplicate those amazing place setting you see on Pinterest for such a small cost.  The key is to know where to look and get a little bit creative!

If you'd like to see more decorating ideas on the cheap stop by Blue Skies and Apple Pies.  I would love to have you!