Frugal Foodie Mama: So My Mama Rocks... Look What She Dug Up

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

So My Mama Rocks... Look What She Dug Up

Okay, so I wish I would have had these photos available to me digitally last week because I would have totally included them in my Tuesday10 Costumes of Halloween Past and Present post!  If you recall in that post, I gushed over some of the costumes my mother had made me when I was a little girl.  How I always looked forward to Halloween because I couldn't wait to dress up.  Well, here are those VERY same costumes I was telling you all about!

The Mermaid costume- please note, this was pre-Ariel.  I just loved mermaids then. ;)

The princess costume!  (And yes, I am carrying my Cabbage Patch doll and she is wearing a matching princess dress.)

And the year I was a Rubik's cube.  I am not going to lie- I was pretty jealous of my sister's Pippi Longstocking's costume that year.  I mean, how awesome does she look??

So, there you go!  Now My Tuesday10 went from a Tuesday6 to a Tuesday9. ;)