Frugal Foodie Mama: Thanksgiving Wreath in a Snap- No Glue Required!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Thanksgiving Wreath in a Snap- No Glue Required!

I am one of those people who decorates for Halloween the month of October, and then as soon as Halloween is over I take down all of the cobwebs, jack 'o lanterns, and goblins and get up all of my Thanksgiving/fall decor.  My fall decorating doesn't get all lumped together.  
After searching through countless boxes downstairs, I realized that my fall wreath was MIA. A fall wreath on the door is a must have, right?

I certainly didn't have an extra $20-30 lying around to buy a ready made wreath, so I got resourceful.  I found a gold painted grapevine wreath that I had bought on clearance after Christmas a couple of years ago and had forgot about.  Then I headed to the craft store with coupons in hand.  Most craft stores had their Thanksgiving crafting supplies on sale with their Halloween clearance.  Everything I used to decorate the wreath was 60% off the original price.  I found a fabric acorn ornament for $1.60, originally $3.99.  A spring of fall leaves for $1.20, normally $2.99.  The 3 yards of ribbon was less than $3.
Oh, and did I mention I used absolutely no hot glue to make this wreath? ;)

I first started by wrapping the ribbon around just one side of the wreath.  I used only about 2 yards of the 3 yard spool to do this.  My wreath is about medium sized, so if you use a larger wreath you will probably use the entire 3 yards.

Okay, so how did I affix the ribbon to the wreath without any glue?  I tied one end of the ribbon to a vine on the backside of the wreath, wrapped the ribbon around and down half of the wreath, and then tied the other end of the ribbon to another vine on the backside of the wreath at the bottom.  Voila!  Ribbon is in place- no glue required. :)

Now comes the fun part... Embellishing the wreath!  I tied the acorn ornament from a vine at the top center of the wreath and let it dangle down. Then I just cut individual sprigs of leaves from the larger bunch I had purchased and slid them in between the vines on the side of the wreath I had not wrapped with ribbon.  I cut a smaller piece of ribbon to tie at the top of the wreath above the ornament to use as a hook for hanging the wreath on my door.  Of course you could decorate your wreath with whatever you would like- silk flowers in bright fall colors, sprigs of wheat, whatever you have on hand or can still find in the craft stores...

I am not a crafty person and rarely post any kind of crafting tutorials, so you can bet if I can do it you certainly can! ;)