Frugal Foodie Mama: Cans for Comments {Pssttt... You! Come Comment!}

Monday, December 17, 2012

Cans for Comments {Pssttt... You! Come Comment!}

I originally came across this fabulous idea when browsing Just a Small Town Girl's blog (and this idea originally came from Kera at Nugget on a Budget). 

Cans for Comments!

Such a fabulously simple idea to give back as a blogger!  

Here is how it works...
(And I missed the week that most other bloggers were doing this- December 7-15th, so I am doing my own little version of it. ;) )
I will run my Cans for Comments blogger campaign for the next 3 days.  

For every 3 TWO comments I get on this post, I will donate 1 Can of Food to a local food pantry.

For each NEW GFC follow, Bloglovin follow, Pinterest follow, & Facebook Like, I will donate 1 Can of Food.  (This is SUPER easy to do!  See that Let's Connect do-hicky over there are my sidebar?>>> Yep, just click and follow from there!)

And just to up the number of comments and for your new follows and likes to count, leave me a comment for every new way you choose to follow me from the options above.  (For example, if you just started following me on Pinterest, leave a comment on this post telling me you did so.  It is like your Pinterest follow is counting extra- 1 can plus 1/3 of another can!  See? :) )

**In light of Friday's tragic losses, I am also going to donate $1 for every 3 TWO comments on this post and tomorrow's Blogger Day of Silence post to Newton Youth and Family Services.  

Please help me spread the word!!  I have made it VERY easy for you to tweet it out.  ;) Just use the the little Tweet button below...

Can't wait to count up all the comments after Wednesday!  Thank you all for leaving your comments, following me, and for spreading the word! :)