Frugal Foodie Mama: ~Santa's Little Bloggers~ Fabric Flower Hair Clips

Saturday, December 15, 2012

~Santa's Little Bloggers~ Fabric Flower Hair Clips

Hi!  My name is Amy, and I live in Orange County, CA.

My blog is So There by Amy, (and Facebook Page HERE) and I blog about food, crafts, and life in general.
I decided to first start blogging because I loved reading other womens' blogs, and I post way too much on Facebook! I wanted another outlet where I could write my thoughts, observations, dinner recipes, and craft projects. Plus, my mom thinks I'm a great, funny writer. So, there's that...
I recently started a little Etsy shop, Sapphire Rose Designs, where I sell handmade hair clips, adding my own twist with vintage floral fabrics, brightly colored felt, and unique buttons.
The name Sapphire Rose Designs is inspired by my Grandma Rosie: all the fabric I use was hers that she picked up throughout the years, ranging from the 1960s to 1990s. I love that the fabric was hers, and the vintage patterns are so fun to use.
I love giving these hair clips as baby shower gifts, and especially for the holidays!

Actually, last year, I skipped the clips on the back, and sewed on a loop of ribbon, and gave these are ornaments!!

To make your own homemade holiday gifts this Christmas season, you'll need several different fabrics or felt, a button, scissors, and a needle and thread. 
I have some brown tweed fabric, an ivory felt, and an ivory metallic and satin snowflake fabric.

I found my flower template online long ago. You can print it HERE.

As you can see...they are 'well used'. Haha. I re-print them whenever they start to get a bit too worn.
Cut out each of the five flowers to use as your templates.
Trace each flower on the felt or fabric of your choice.

If you are buying new fabric, you can really splurge on a fancy print, since you only need about a 3" x 3" square of the largest, and even less yardage for the smaller layers.

Cut out each flower, and stack the layers.

Then, I pick out a coordinating button: you can have some fun and creativity with this; buttons come in so many shapes and colors!
Carefully line up all five layers, plus the button, and hand stitch all the layers together, securing the button.

By the way, who needs a pin cushion, when you can use this little guy's hat instead?!

Next, to add the hair clip, I first cover the metal alligator clip with ribbon.

Hot glue a strip of ribbon along just over half of the clip, leaving only one metal tip exposed, to help hold the clip in your hair when worn. (I apologize for my nasty looking, well used hot glue gun)

Note: I fully cover the clips in ribbon when giving this as a gift to be worn by a baby, so there are no sharp edges.
For older kids or adults with more hair, or thicker hair, I find leaving one end uncovered helps the clip stay in place.
Choose whichever method you prefer.
Hot glue the fully covered side to the back of the fabric flower, making sure to place the clip so it covers your stitches in the center.
This, both helps secure your stitches, and also makes a cleaner finished product.

That's it!

Now clip to a small piece of cardstock, wrap, and let the homemade gift giving begin!
I have found babies, little girls, and adult women alike all enjoy receiving these flower hair clips as gifts!
These flowers can also be clipped onto a headband, or look great attached to your handbag, blouse, throw pillow, or anywhere you'd like!

Enjoy, and Happy Holidays!

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