Frugal Foodie Mama: Spiced Cosmockpolitan {& a Party Host Kit Giveaway}

Friday, December 14, 2012

Spiced Cosmockpolitan {& a Party Host Kit Giveaway}

I was recently contacted by the lovely Katie from Edgar Snyder & Associates about possibly blogging to help spread the word about raising awareness of the devastating impact drinking and driving can have on us all.  The holidays are here, and that also means lots of celebrating, right?  And how many of us attend work parties and family get-togethers where the champagne is flowing and the hot buttered rums are being passed around? How many of us are hosting parties where we are serving alcohol?  As a party host, you have a responsibility towards your guests.  To try to make sure they are not being over served.  To make sure they do not leave your house keys in hand because they don't feel like they have had all that much.  To call a cab.  To give them a bed or couch to pass out on for the night.  

Another fun option?  How about a festive non-alcoholic drink to offer those who have taken on the role of designated driver or to give to the guest who may have had a little too much, but wants just one more itty bitty drink?  (Shhhh... they won't be none the wiser.  It is so bubbly and pretty they are bound to think it is just a champagne cocktail. ;) )

What you will need to make my Spiced Cosmockpolitan:
Ocean Spray Sparkling Cranberry juice
Ginger ale
Lime juice
Turbinado sugar
A few dashes of ground cloves
A few dashes of ground cinnamon
Fresh or frozen cranberries, for garnish

The spiced part of this "mock"tail is the sugared rim.  On a small plate, mix together the sugar, cloves, and cinnamon.  You will want to use enough sugar to cover the plate.  I used the turbinado sugar because it has larger crystals than regular sugar.  Wet the rim of your champagne flute or martini glass with water. Twist the top of the glass into the spiced sugar on your plate until you get a nice coating around the rim of your glass.

Now fill the glass 2/3 full with the Sparking Cranberry juice, and then fill it the rest of the way with ginger ale.  Add a squeeze of fresh lime juice and give it a quick stir.  Drop a few fresh or frozen cranberries into the glass.  And voila!  A fun, festive, and sparkling Cosmockpolitan! :)

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*I was provided a party host kit with no obligation to publish a post and was not compensated for this post or giveaway in any other way.