Frugal Foodie Mama: Tag! ~ You're It! {Christmas Style}

Monday, December 10, 2012

Tag! ~ You're It! {Christmas Style}

Okay, I first have to thank Mia from The Chronicles of Chaos for tagging me in such a fun post!  (Want to see Mia's Tag, You're It! post? CLICK HERE to read her answers. :) )

1. What makes Christmas such a special holiday for you and your family?
Well, this year will be extra special as it is our baby girl's first Christmas.  We are getting our tree this week, so I am really excited to see her reaction to it.  Although, I am not looking forward to keeping our very mobile 10 month old from pulling on the tree and the ornaments constantly.  ;)

2. Were you told the truth about Santa Claus by your parents or did you find out another way? you plan on lying to your kids (if you have them or plan on having them)? Oh yes…I went there. 
I pretty much figured it out my own.  Same as I did with the Easter Bunny.  You just see all the clues when you are out at the stores.  Why were all those toys on sale at the stores if all the elves were supposed to be making them at Santa's workshop?  (Same thing with all the pre-made Easter baskets I used to spy at the department store.)  I feared that if my parents found out that I knew Santa wasn't real, they would stop giving me presents so I pretended far longer than I should have that I still believed.  Plus, I have a younger sister and didn't want to spoil the fun for her.  ;)  And yes, we plan on carrying on the tradition of Santa with our daughter.  I did so with my son, and he is not scarred from it.  It is all in good fun.  I couldn't have imagined my childhood Christmases without having Santa and the North Pole in them. 

3. Real tree or Fake tree?
I grew up with a fake tree.  I still remember my parents getting it out every year and matching up the colors on the ends of the branches with the same colored holes on the tree's "trunk".  It was a process that seemed like it took hours.
As an adult, I love real trees.  I love going out each year with my family on the quest for the perfect tree.  I adore the smell of fresh pine that wafts through the house each day after we have brought the tree home.
Our Christmas tree from last year
4. Do you open presents on Christmas morning, Christmas Eve or both? 
Both. It is actually tradition for my entire family to go to my grandparents' house every Christmas Eve evening for dinner and to open gifts from our Christmas gift exchange partners.  My mom's family is so big that we all decided years ago that the adults in the family would pick names each year to get a Christmas gift for.  
Christmas morning is all about the kiddos.  ;)  Then we usually head over to my parents' house some time that afternoon to open presents from them.

5. What is your favorite Christmas movie to watch? Favorite Christmas song to sing or listen to? ( I know…technically two questions.)
Alright, it is a tie on the Christmas movie.  A Christmas Story is a classic that I have loved for forever.  Elf is my new favorite classic.  When I went to New York City before Christmas a couple of years ago, I felt the need to reenact many scenes from that movie.  (Ahem...  I many have done the whole leg split thing on the escalator at Macy's, and I may have played hopscotch on a crosswalk- but not all into traffic like Buddy did! ;D)

And I love the song Santa Baby.  I don't know why.  I have just always liked it.  And it is fun to karaoke. ;)

Okay, now for some tagging.  This is a game of tag, so someone else needs to be "It" now. 

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Can't wait to read each of these ladies' responses!  Make sure you give them all a click and say hello. :)