Frugal Foodie Mama: December Blog Angels Reveal! (It's About Time, Right?)

Friday, January 4, 2013

December Blog Angels Reveal! (It's About Time, Right?)

I was so pumped for December Blog Angels!  (Haven't heard of Blog Angels before?  Go HERE to visit Rosie's page on Craftbotic about this awesome blogger project! She is starting sign-ups again January 15th. :) )

Rosie did Blog Angels a little different for December.  No one was paired up.  Instead you chose a blogger that you wanted to help out for the month and became their secret blog angel.  You gave without the expectation of any reciprocation.  You could stealthily support them, help them, spoil them.  But you were not to reveal your identity until this link-up post.  

I was gun-ho for the first 2 weeks, but as the holidays approached I slacked a little more each week.  
And I didn't even make the halfway update post link-up.  *Bowing my head in shame*

But here is what I did for my blogger when I wasn't being a slacker...
  • I added her blog button to my sidebar.
  • I commented at least a few times a week on her posts, and tweeted out links to her posts that I most liked.
  • I signed up for a blogger swap she was co-hosting.
I had grand plans to send her a secret Santa-like package or card... but I never got around to it. :/

So, who was I being a Blog Angel incognito for??
Drum roll, please....
Mia from The Chronicles of Chaos! :)  
You haven't had a chance to check out her blog, now is a fabulous time!  And she just got a very pretty face lift for her blog- LOVE it, Mia!