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Monday, January 14, 2013

Things That Make Me #SMH Lately...

Okay, I am not going to make this a regular or weekly thing.  Typically I like my blogging space to be an area of zen, fun, good food,  comraderie, etc.  Not a big ole whine and moan session.  But lately there have been a few things that have just been making me do a palm plant to my forehead and just ask why...  I am just putting this out there because I need to know that I am not the only one.  That there must be others who share my same frustrations, right? ;)  So two of these are blogger related, and two are IRL related.... 

No reply-comment bloggers.  :(  They make me sad.  I have been making a concerted effort lately to reply to as many of my blog post comments as I can.  I do prefer to email my replies, but can't if they are a no reply-comment blogger.  So, I respond to their comment with a comment and cross my fingers that they stop on by my post again and see it.  *sigh*  Just check your Blogger/Google accounts and make sure that you have a publicly viewable email attached to your profile.  Pretty please??  ;) I want to email you all, darnit!

Link in the comments... ugh.  I hate these.  And anyone who follows me on Twitter knows my annoyance with this.  It almost ranks up there with word verification (die, captchas, die!).  I get that because of Facebook's fancy algorithms or what not that apparently more people see your Facebook posts if you put the link in the comments, but rationally it makes no sense to me.  I can't possibly see how making your content a step harder to get to (2 steps harder if I am clicking through from a tweet that is linked to a Facebook status) benefits your readers.  And I have NO clue how it is increasing traffic to people's blog posts.  I am 3 times as more likely to click on a direct link in a status then to click to the comments and then click a link.  It just doesn't quite add up to me?  I want to read your all's posts.  I just don't want to jump through hoops to get to them.

Shopping carts with broken lap belts.  Like almost all of them.  As in, I keep pulling out cart after cart in the line of them and they ALL have broken lap belts. (This is especially frustrating at Aldi's because of that whole quarter deal.) Baby girl is too heavy and long for me to wear anymore.  I need her to be able to sit safely in a shopping cart.  Take heed local area stores- your shoddy shopping carts are a lawsuit waiting to happen.  Fix them.  
Thankfully the universe heard my pleas, and I received one of those shopping cart seat cover thingys with the built in belt for Christmas. ;)  But still.... those belts should be fixed!  And how do they even get that jacked up, broken, torn in the first place??  What are those other children and their parents doing to those lap belt anyways?

Sucky customer service.  I am so over it.  Why oh why do companies make you jump through hoops, waste hours of your time, practically chuck your cell across the room to finally give you the deal/discount/remedy you asked for 2 hours and 3 Tylenol ago??  Luckily, my husband handles these types of calls because my anxiety couldn't handle it.  I would probably end up calling the customer "service" rep a few choice names and then hanging up on them, only to be aggravated with myself that I did that and still didn't get any results for my efforts and time.   They shouldn't even call it customer service.  It should be more like customer obstacle course rep or let's see how stupid and/or persistent the customer is rep.  Not kidding you... My husband spent over 2 hours on the phone the other day with our cable provider talking to 3 different reps and after all of that finally got what he had asked for in the first 5 minutes of his very first call to the initial rep.  WHY? 
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Can any of you all feel me on these?

What has been making you #SMH lately?