Frugal Foodie Mama: The Rainbow Birthday Bash Decor (Or How I Made a Rainbow Explode in My House)

Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Rainbow Birthday Bash Decor (Or How I Made a Rainbow Explode in My House)

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If you are contemplating throwing your own little rainbow birthday bash (or maybe even a St. Patrick's Day pot 'o gold at the end of the rainbow shindig?), I got you covered on some simple, easy, and budget friendly decoration ideas.  

For starters, get yourself over to a dollar store.  I bought the tablecloth, napkins, plates, cups, & plastic ware all at my local dollar store.  It was perfect because they carried all of the party supplies in solid colors- yellow, purple, red, blue, green...  I just mixed & matched all of them to make sure I had each color of the rainbow represented.

Next up?  I made a super easy DIY rainbow pennant banner using something you can pick up at your local Lowe's, or Home Depot, or Walmart for free.... paint chip samples!  I will tell you that my preference is for the Glidden's paint chips.  They are large & just one solid color.
Now I was actually looking for paint chip samples for my kitchen and for baby girl's room.  I just stashed *a few* extra in my purse for the pennant banner... ;)
What you will need for the pennant banner:
24 large paint chip samples (I used 4 each of 6 different colored paint chips.)
Ribbon (I used a red ribbon with a 1/8 inch width.  This worked, but you might want to consider just a slightly wider ribbon for this.)
Hot glue gun & glue sticks

Just simply cut out one triangle from one of the paint chips, and then use that as your pattern to cut out all of the other triangles.
Once your triangles are all cut out, group them by color.  

Now lay out your ribbon flat.  I would lay waxed paper, crafting paper, or possibly newspaper under the ribbon to prevent hot glue from sticking to your counter top or work surface.

Alternating the colors as you go, simply glue each of your triangles to the ribbon using 2 tiny beads of hot glue at the top corners and then press down.  If you use newspaper under your ribbon, be sure to quickly life up the ribbon & triangle so it doesn't stick to the newspaper.
Space your triangles about 1 inch apart.

When finished, allow it to dry and then hang up wherever you wish.  I hung our rainbow pennant banner over the goodies table.
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I also wanted to display photos of baby girl for each month from this first year.  At first, I was just going to do this with a ribbon and some plain clothespins.  Then I thought, why not not a strand of colored Christmas lights??  
So, I sent the husband off to the storage unit to fish out a strand. ;)
My next original thought was to paint the plain clothespins different colors of the rainbow.  And then I came across these Sparrows Clips Clothespins from The Container Store.  Now typically I wouldn't spend $8 on 8 plastic clothespins, but these were incredibly adorable and I may have had a gift card. ;)

When  I walked into my local party supplies store, I was planning to just buy a few different colors of streamers and alternately hang them from the ceiling, but then I stumbled upon these Rainbow Crepe Streamers at my local Party City for just $1.99 a roll.  I bought two, but only ended up using part of one.  (Anyone need a roll of rainbow streamers? ;) )

Another simple touch I added were some rainbow colored paper ribbons I actually had leftover from a New Year's Eve Party kit that I just tossed on the goodies table and the gift table.  You could also create these using some of the rainbow crepe streamers by cutting pieces of it into thin strips.

There is just one more little recipe post left to round out my week long extravaganza of rainbow birthday bash posts!  Be looking for that one tomorrow, and then a round up post of the whole colorful shebang over the weekend.

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I just want to note that none of the links I have provided for products mentioned in this post are affiliate links.  I get absolutely nothing if you click on any of them.  I also get nada if you end up purchasing any of them.  I just wanted to share with you all where I found my rainbow hued goodies. :)