Frugal Foodie Mama: Fake-tiquing a Picture Frame Tutorial {& a Hummingbird View Review}

Friday, March 22, 2013

Fake-tiquing a Picture Frame Tutorial {& a Hummingbird View Review}

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Watch out, folks!  I am about to get all crafty here on the blog again. ;)  This is a rare occurrence, although it does seem to be happening just a little more often on my blog these days.  I did give you all that awesome DIY Menu Board Tutorial earlier this month.
Am I becoming... crafty?? {Gasp!} 

I have a  confession...
I hoard wood frames.
I see a nice 8 x 10 or 10 x 13 wood frame at the thrift store or a yard sale and I just buy it.  
No plan for it.  Not really sure what I am going to use it for, but I honestly feel like I can never have too many stashed away.
Some are a little worse for the wear.  Or have some nicks or scratches.  Or are in great shape, but are painted a hideous color.
But I see the potential in them. ;)
I just keep buying them and stacking them determined to take on a fabulous re-do for one soon.

And finally I received just the motivation I needed to transform one of my many secondhand frames into a work of art.  Some of you may know my friend and March blog sponsor Lisa from her blog Wine & Glue, but did you know that she also owns an etsy shop called Hummingbird's View?  Only seems natural that such a crafty lady would be selling her fabulous pieces online, right?  
I was fortunate enough to receive a custom cut art print from Lisa's shop to review.  I decided to go with an Avett Brothers song lyric that my husband and I actually had framed & on display at our wedding reception (although our framed lyric was no where near as pretty as Lisa's down there)...
Lisa emailed me her color chart and from there I was able to choose my own custom colors.  I have plans for this print to hang in my living room, so I went with colors that matched the decor in that room.

I had to get a nice close-up of my print so that you could see that is not a print at all.  Lisa cut the piece from a thick piece of white card stock and then backed it with the colored paper I had chose.  There is A LOT of unique detail in that 8 x 10 piece! :)

Okay, and now to how I fake-tiqued the wooden picture frame I used to mat and and frame my custom cut art piece from Lisa... (Stay tuned to the bottom of this post for a special discount code from Lisa just for my readers to use in her etsy shop!)

What you will need:
A 10 x 13 wooden frame (or any size that you would like really) that needs a little extra love
120 Grit Sand Paper
400 Grit Sand Paper
Spray Primer, in color of your choice (I used white)
Wood Paint, in the color of your choosing
A Matte Spray Sealant (I didn't actually do this to my frame yet, but I am considering going back & doing this to make the paint job last longer.)

First things, first.  Remove the backing and glass from the frame, and set aside.
Lightly sand the surface of the frame using the 120 grit sand paper.  Then wipe it down with a damp cloth and allow it to air dry completely.

Apply a nice even coat of your primer spray to the sanded frame.  Allow it to dry for at least one hour.

Apply your first coat of colored paint.  Be sure to get the inner and outside edges and into each of the corners of the frame. Let it dry for one hour.  
Then apply the second coat of colored paint.  (I used My Studio Acrylic Paint in Blue Jean for my frame.)
Allow the second coat to dry for just 15-20 minutes.  Then using an old cloth, lightly wipe the frame to remove a little of the second coat of paint and give the frame's color a faded look.
Let the paint dry completely, about one hour.

Now using a 400 grit piece of sand paper, lightly sand some spots to allow some of the white primer to come through.  Sand a little harder in other spots to expose some of the original wood of the frame.

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Continue sanding random spots and edges until you get the worn and fake-tique look you are going for.
At this point you can apply a spray sealant to the frame.  Allow it to dry completely before replacing the glass and framing your picture.

Okay, now are you all ready for the discount code for Hummingbird's View that I promised you all?  ;)
Just use FRUGAL25 at checkout to get 25% off your entire order for the next month.  
Make sure you check out Lisa's full selection for cut art prints to personalized pie plates to gender reveal scratch off cards for your next baby shower. :)

*The opinions above are strictly my own.  Yep, all 100% me, myself, and I.  I was provided a product in exchange for an honest review, and was not compensated for my review in any other way.  If you are interested in having me review an item, please see my Sponsor Page for contact information.