Frugal Foodie Mama: February Blog Angels- The Big Reveal!

Friday, March 1, 2013

February Blog Angels- The Big Reveal!

Well, I am definitely wondering by now if I have been had by my Blog Angel recipients.  I have been trying to fly under the radar, helping when I can, trying to be subtle...
But have I succeeded?

Hopefully by the end of today, I will know because today is the February Blog Angels Big Reveal!  :)
We finally get to announce to the blogosphere who it is that we have fluttering around the internet, trying to help out for the past 28 days.

But before I reveal the two bloggers I have been Angeling for, let me tell you a little about what this Blog Angel has been doing to spread the bloggy love...

  • Of course, I have been a commenting fool on their blogs.  But on top of that, I have been trying to interact with them both as much as I can via Twitter, email, and such.  I would like to say I have become pretty good blogging buds with these two lovely ladies now.
  • I have been putting their best ideas and posts front and Pinter.  No, that is not a typo.  I meant to say Pinter.  ;)  I have been pinning some of their awesome posts to my various Pinterest boards, and I know for certain for one of these particular bloggers they have seen quite a bit of traffic coming their way from my pins.  (<<This should definitely tip off at least one of my February Blog Angels by now.)
  • One of them happens to be on my sidebar presently, and she has just snagged a prime spot on my sidebar for March as well. (Do you know who you are yet??) :)  The other blogger will definitely be on my sidebar for March in my coveted Friendship Bread ad spot. (Do YOU know who you are now??)
  • They also both own etsy shops, so  I have been trying to help promote their crafty businesses a bit on the sly on my Pinterest and Twitter. 
Okay, enough with the teasing already... 
Ready for my BIG reveal now?

Drum roll, please....

Wait for it.

For the entire month of February, I have been being a Blog Angel for...

Lisa of Wine and Glue!
This lady has more creativity and craftiness in her pinkie finger than I have in my entire body.  No joke, folks. Go check her out.  And be sure to stop by her etsy shop, hummingbird's view.  She creates gorgeous custom cut art prints there. 


Leanne of Top This by Leanne
She seriously has the cutest little family (who is currently growing by one, I should add ;) ).  She also crochets the sweetest little beanies and headbands in her etsy shop.

So, I have to know- were either one of you ladies onto me? ;)

Be looking for details on April Blog Angels coming soon from Rosie at Craftbotic