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Thursday, March 21, 2013

SIMPLY RIGHT equals Simply Savings...

It is not a real secret at this point that my family is on a very tight budget.  We made the decision before our daughter was born that I would stay at home.  This was very important to my husband and I, but we knew that decision would also mean quite a few sacrifices and scaling back- no more eating out twice a week, no more impromptu online shopping, fewer vacations.  All these things we were willing to compromise on.  
What we were not willing to compromise on was quality products for our baby girl.
We have always been very skeptical of any of those bargain diaper and baby wipes brands, and have always shelled out the money for the more expensive, brand name ones.

That was until we were introduced to SIMPLY RIGHT baby diapers and wipes from Sam's Club.  

We love the diapers just as much as the name brand ones we have been using.  Maybe even a little more... ;)   They fit baby girl so well!  And we love the leak protection.  I would say within 10 minutes of me putting the first SIMPLY RIGHT diaper on her we had a full on blow out.  Guess what?
No leaks.  
At all.
They passed with flying colors. :)

After taking a trip to our local Sam's Club to do a little price comparison, we were surprisingly shocked to see just how much a pack of 200 of the SIMPLY RIGHT diapers actually cost!  You are not seeing things, folks.  That is less than $36 for 200 diapers! :) 
We seriously pay that right now for about half that amount of name brand diapers.  Ummmmm... hello!  We are switching! :)

We were also able to try the SIMPLY RIGHT baby wipes.  I was a little skeptical when I took the first one out of the pack.  They seemed to be much thinner than the baby wipes we were used to using.  But they are very gentle on baby girl's sensitive skin and stood up to the biggest of messes just as well as their name brand counterpart we had been using.

By switching to SIMPLY RIGHT baby diapers and wipes, we could potentially save up to $392 a year!  
This little family could do quite a bit with an extra $392 in savings a year.  :)  Namely, it would guarantee us some of kind of family vacation about once a year.  In fact, that $392 would almost pay for the beach vacation we have planned for the summer.  This will be our first vacation together as a family of four. We had to skip a vacation last summer because of our budget restraints.

What would you do with the extra $392 in savings for your family?

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of SIMPLY RIGHT™ Baby Care Products.