Frugal Foodie Mama: Come Grow With Frugal Foodie Mama in May! {Sponsor Call}

Monday, April 22, 2013

Come Grow With Frugal Foodie Mama in May! {Sponsor Call}

It is about that time again, folks... Time to consider which blogs you would like to sponsor for May. 
I know the choices can be daunting.  So many blogs out there who sell ad spots.  So many price ranges.  So many different perks and levels of promotion depending upon the blogger and the ad spot.  A blogger has to research these days before just pressing that Buy button! ;)
You want to make sure you are getting your money's worth, right?  I know I do!  I am pretty particular about who I sponsor, and I don't log into my Paypal account until I have chatted a bit with the blogger & maybe even talked to a few bloggers or small shop owners that have sponsored them in the past. 
I know what you most want to know is just why you should take up real estate on my sidebar for May, right? 

First things first, no one who is on my sidebar is just real estate.  I do not offer or sell ad spots that are basically wallpaper to make my sidebar pretty.  Every single one of my spots comes with some kind of promotion, some kind of perks.   
Plus I don't do those teeny, tiny buttons on my sidebar.  What is the point in those anyways??

Frugal Foodie Mama is GROWING, folks!  Like fairly quickly! :)  I have been surprised at just how much this little blog of mine has grown in the past few months.  
Most of all I was shocked to learn that I had taken the coveted #1 spot for Up and Coming Food & Drink blogs in the U.S. on Bloglovin (and now everywhere!)...

Not to toot my own horn too much, but I have got some serious Pinfluence going on. ;)  I just crossed the 6,000 follower threshold on my Pinterest account (woot! woot!)!
Below are a few snapshots of some of my pins from my recent sponsors' posts.  I want to note that each of these are pins to MY boards, not Group boards.  Although, I do promote my sponsors' posts on a few large and popular group boards as well... 

Purchasing ad space on Frugal Foodie Mama is also affordable, and it is important to me that they remain that way no matter how "big" I get as a blogger.  Presently my ad spots run from $7 to $14.  The most affordable spot, my A Pin-t ad comes only with Pinterest pins & Twitter amplifications, but as you can see from the pins above that little bit of promotion can go a LONG way. ;)

And to make my ad spots even MORE affordable, I am offering a 15% off promo code from now until April 3oth.  Just use promo code mamainmay to get your discount at the ad set-up page on Passionfruit.
Ready to get started with Frugal Foodie Mama next month?  Then visit my Sponsor Page to find the ad spot that is right for you and your blog or small shop. :)

P.S.  There are more ad spots available for May than Passionfruit has listed on my Sponsor page.  As of the publication of this email, there is..

*Updated 4/30/13, 5:00pm 
- 1 Apple of My Eye left   BOOKED!
- 6 A Peck ads left Just 1 A Peck ad left now! BOOKED!
- 5 A Pin-t ads left  Just 3 Pin-t ads left now!
Even if it says a spot is Currently Booked, it may mean that it is just booked for April but not May.  Go ahead and apply for the ad you want even if it says it is booked & I will edit it to start May 1st. :)