Frugal Foodie Mama: Still My Baby...

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Still My Baby...

Baby girl is still... well, my baby.  I know "technically" she is now considered a toddler since she is nearing 15 months, but just look at her. 
I still see more baby than little girl or toddler right now. :)

I am in no rush for her to grow up too quickly.  
No, I am not naive or delusional.  I know I will wake up one morning much too soon than I am ready for and where there once was a chubby baby girl there will be a beautiful little girl who will insist on doing everything all by herself.  *tear*

I know this...
But she is more than likely my last baby.  
In my heart, I know I will probably never be pregnant again.  Or nurse another baby.
Or spend sleepless nights rocking a tiny person.  
She is my last sweet little one.

So yes, I am and still will be nursing her.  It feels natural to us.  It feels right, and I know I won't look back on this time in my life with her 15 years down the road and wish that I had followed my mother's heart and intuition and not listened to the naysayers.  She is my baby nursling, and will be until the time to close that chapter of our bond has come. 
I fight back tears thinking of that day... and yes, I know that too will come quicker than I will be ready for.

Despite my best efforts to slow her roll and the claims by some that I am spoiling her, she insists on becoming boldly independent.  
She doesn't hold my hand when we walk (not yet).
If she wants to climb on something, she will no matter how many times I redirect her.
She will feed herself her own food.  Keep that spoon away. 
She is a fighter- she stayed in there with me when we struggled with breastfeeding in the very beginning.  She will fight you tooth and nail if she doesn't want that diaper on yet.  She fights sleep sometimes like she is afraid she will miss something while she is dreaming...

She is becoming more of her own little person every day, with such sass and personality.

I know one day I will blink and there will be a sweet young lady where once my mischievous, loving baby stood.
But for now...
For today, she is still my baby...