Frugal Foodie Mama: Organic Edible Gardening- A Natural Extension of My Kitchen #DigIn

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Organic Edible Gardening- A Natural Extension of My Kitchen #DigIn

I am so thrilled to have this opportunity to work with The Home Depot and to have received product to help make our dream of growing an organic edible garden a reality.

I have high, high hopes for this summer's organic vegetable garden.  Our attempt last year at a small raised garden bed yielded okay results.  Not nearly what I had dreamed of when my husband and son first put together our little 3 foot by 3 foot wooden frame for our raised bed.

But this year is different.
This year we have ample room to raise our garden.  No more small raised garden bed for us!
This year we started our garden with organic Bonnie plants and USDA certified organic seeds from The Home Depot.
This year we had the expert advice and helpful tips from The Home Depot Garden Club.

Growing organically, naturally is important to me.  To my family.
There is pride and satisfaction in knowing where the vegetables and herbs that we are growing are from...
Our own backyard.

It is nice to know that all of our organic edibles are being fertilized naturally.  Yes, I saved egg shells for WEEKS just so we would be able to crush them up and use them to fertilize our tomato and pepper plants.  

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This year we have decided to attempt to grow cucumbers vertically using a trellis netting.
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This is also our first time ever attempting to grow our own cucumbers.  I have usually avoided planting them because of the fact that their vines take up so much space in the garden, and space has always been a precious commodity when gardening for us in the past.  

We found a Nylon Trellis Netting at our local home depot to use for the cucumber trellis.  It was actually super easy to make.  
Click Play on the video below to see how we set our's up...

It has been exciting to see our seedlings popping up through the ground.  My husband and I walk out to the garden almost every day and marvel like children at how quickly our pumpkin plants have come up, and how tiny our bibb lettuce looks right now.  We are looking forward to the fall when these little pumpkin seedlings will be long vines with bright orange pumpkins attached to the ends.  It will be fun to see baby girl's eyes light up when she realizes she has her very own pumpkin patch. ;)

Our experience with organic gardening has inspired us to take on another new project soon- a compost bin using an old storage tote.  I used to compost a couple of years ago and had a dedicated corner of my yard just for composting.  I miss it and feel guilty now every time I throw out a banana peel or strawberry hulls or potato peelings.  It will feel nice to not be throwing out as much and to be creating our own organic material for fertilizing our edible organic garden.

Organic edible gardening just feels like a natural extension of how I love to cook and feed my family.  I look forward to the summer days when I can step right outside my kitchen and bring in tomatoes picked right off the vine or a fresh bell pepper for a salad.  
The food I feed my family is my love language.  
The better that food is for my family, the more I feel like I am showing them my love.
How better to show that than by cooking with homegrown vegetables and herbs in their favorite home cooked meals from me? :)

Interested in starting your own edible organic garden?  Be sure to check out my Steps in Planning an Edible Organic Garden post.

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of The Home Depot.