Frugal Foodie Mama: Our Organic Edible Garden ~ Before You Can #DigIn, You Must Shop!

Monday, May 6, 2013

Our Organic Edible Garden ~ Before You Can #DigIn, You Must Shop!

I am so thrilled to have this opportunity to work with The Home Depot and receive product to make our dream of having an edible organic garden this summer a reality.

The timely advice and reminders in The Home Depot’s monthly national to-do list helps millions of members enjoy their yards and gardens more. Additional to-do lists focusing on specific regions help you stay ahead of seasonal changes specific to your part of the country. Sneak peeks and reviews help you plan your garden purchases before cutting edge products and new varieties have a chance to sell out.
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Even the best laid plans hit a snag or two when it comes to actually carrying them out.  Our shopping trip to The Home Depot to gather the plants and supplies that we would need to start our edible organic garden was no exception to that.  We had scouted out our local Home Depot a little over a week before our actual trip there to buy our organic vegetable gardening supplies.  We had decided on each variety of pepper, tomato, what green leafy vegetables we want to plant for summer salads... even which herbs we would plant on the deck.  We had covered each Step in Planning an Edible Organic Garden.
But apparently a lot can change in just a few short days (aka, be sold out completely)...

We had to make a few improvisations for plants that we had already decided upon, but were no longer available at our local Home Depot.
(Lesson here?  Get started early on your organic edible garden if you want the best selection and to be able to plant exactly what you want!)

Baby girl enjoyed our shopping trip.  I think she was just fascinated by how many leafy green plants we were loading up the shopping cart with! :)

We were still able to get quite a few of the Bonnie plants that we had decided on earlier.  Which I was happy about it because I am not as confident in my ability to grow vegetables from seed.  Plus, I love how easy the Bonnie plants are!  Just peel off the label and plant the biodegradable pots directly into your garden or potted soil. Easy, peasy, right?  (Psssttt... the Bonnie Plants Organic Garden Starter pack is a great way to try your hand at a little edible organic gardening. )
We made a few substitutions with Bonnie plants that they did have readily available such as broccoli (scratch that- I just realized that I have two Flat Dutch Cabbage plants and not broccoli- oops!) and strawberries.  I have never grown either one of these edibles before, so you can bet I will doing quite a bit of research at The Home Depot Garden Club before I commit them to the ground. 

What we couldn't find any longer in the Bonnie plants, we were able to find in seed packets.  Our Home Depot had a nice variety of USDA Certified Organic seeds, like their Martha Stewart Living and Burpee Organic collections.  We decided to plant Carrots, Lettuce Bib, Cucumbers, and Spinach from seed. (Wish us luck!)
We also decided to add a separate little pumpkin patch. We thought it would be fun for baby girl to have her own little pumpkin patch in the fall! :)

Okay, I may have been a little giddy over the gardening gloves display at The Home Depot.  I mean, there is no reason not to have a cute pair of gardening gloves to help you tend to and harvest your homegrown organic bounty, right? ;)

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Although we didn't purchase any of these fun and colorful tomato plant cages during our shopping trip, I may have to return for a few.  We had originally planned to re-purpose some old stakes to use with our tomato plants (more economical and eco-friendly, right?).  But these pretty tomato cages would look so nice in my brand new garden... ;)

Now that all of the plants and the essential gardening supplies have been bought, it is time to actually plant our organic vegetable garden and herb box on the deck.  If I hit a snag during our planting, I know I can turn to the Garden Club Community Forum and ask an expert any question I may have.   No need to have to run back out to my local Home Depot- they make it easy to have expert answers just a few clicks away! 

Stay tuned to the next installment in this series... the actual planting of our organic edible gardening!

Have you or will you be planting a garden this year?  How important is it to you to grow only organic produce?
What wonderful vegetables will be sprouting up in your gardens? :)

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