Frugal Foodie Mama: Whipped Captain {Our Signature Wedding Cocktail}

Monday, May 20, 2013

Whipped Captain {Our Signature Wedding Cocktail}

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It has been two years today since I married my high school sweetheart (delayed).  I say delayed, because although we graduated from the same high school during the same year we never once dated during our high school careers.  We even worked together at the same restaurant during college and still nothing.  Fast forward about 12 years and we happened upon each other on Facebook. 
Then we happened to be in our hometown at the same time and met up for lunch just to catch up...
And well, the rest is history. ;)

As we started planning our spring wedding, I kept reading about how the trendy thing to do for a wedding reception was to have a signature cocktail available for the guests.  
Being a former bartender, the wheels started turning and  I decided I wanted to combine my favorite liquor with my husband's- Captain Morgan and Pinnacle Whipped Vodka. 
Thus, the Whipped Captain was born.  (Appropriate for a wedding, don't you think? ;) )

The Whipped Captain is pretty simple (much like our wedding reception was) and straight forward (much like how my husband and I both are).

It is just-
1 part Captain Morgan
1 part Whipped Vodka
2-3 parts Coke (or Diet Coke)
Pour over ice and stir.  That's it!  I didn't really give exact measurements.  I usually do a shot of each of the liquors over ice and then pour in Coke to fill a rocks glass.  You could tailor this cocktail to be as weak or as strong as you would like. 
P.S.  My mother was even kicking back a few of these and she NEVER drinks liquor.  ;)

Today I want to raise a glass to my loving, amazing, supportive husband.  The past two years  were not always wedded bliss and rainbows.  We faced quite a few challenges and hard times together, and have also welcomed more joy and love into our lives than either one of us could have ever possibly imagined.  I couldn't imagine a man, a father to my children, a partner in this life that could be more perfect for me.  

After a few of the above mentioned Whipped Captains and a glass or two (or maybe 3?) of champagne. ;)

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Please pour yourself a little Whipped Captain some time today and join me in raising a glass to real, beautiful, honest, hard loving marriage. <3

Did you or will you have a signature cocktail for your wedding reception?  Do tell in the comments- I love seeing how creative everyone is with these and the stories behind their cocktails! :)