Frugal Foodie Mama: A Dash of My Recipe Magic {Or How I Make a Little Extra Dough With My Recipes...}

Sunday, June 23, 2013

A Dash of My Recipe Magic {Or How I Make a Little Extra Dough With My Recipes...}

Maybe you have heard My Recipe Magic before.  Maybe you are already using My Recipe Magic.  And maybe this is your first time ever hearing about it.

I signed on with My Recipe Magic when they first piloted the site near the end of last year.  When you join My Recipe Magic, you become one of their chefs.  My Recipe Magic chefs can share their recipes on the site and in turn make a little extra dough (and no, I am talking pizza dough here ;) ) each month.  Do you have to be a food blogger to share recipes and start earning money and rewards with My Recipe Magic?  Why, no you do not! ;) If you have a stash of your own personal recipes that you would love to share with the rest of the online world, then you can even if you do not currently run your own food blog.  Just upload you recipe and a photo and you are good to go!
My Peanut Butter Chocolate Mousse Pie on My Recipe Magic
Of course, My Recipe Magic offers big benefits if you happen to be a food blogger in regards to driving traffic back to your blog and exposing you and your blog to a whole new audience!  How many of you have heard of the lovely Six Sisters' Stuff blog?  Yeah, they are just this little ole blog with like 168,000 Facebook fans and almost 280,000 Pinterest followers. ;) They are the brain children behind My Recipe Magic....
Ummmmm.... yeah.  That is what we call exposure, folks.
Six Sisters' started My Recipe Magic as a way to connect food bloggers, recipe lovers, and foodies alike to share recipes, create custom cookbooks and shopping lists, calculate nutritional values for each recipe (HUGE bonus- they do this for you automatically when you upload and have your recipe approved), and help food bloggers grow by directing traffic their way and creating an easy way for them to earn a little extra income in the process.

And I have been honored, humbled, and thrilled to be named their featured My Recipe Magic Chef for this week! :)

My Slow Cooker Captain & Coke Pulled Chicken on My Recipe Magic
While I haven't seen a huge windfall of extra earnings yet, working with My Recipe Magic has been fun, easy, and has driven a considerable amount of traffic to my blog since I signed up with them months ago.  My Recipe Magic is growing more each day, and I fully expect to see some considerable deposits to my Paypal account in the months to come. ;)

How much can you earn?  Honestly, that is up to you.  The more traffic you can drive towards your recipe posts on My Recipe Magic, the more you can potentially earn each month.  I suggest pinning, tweeting, and posting to Facebook.  Include link backs in your blog posts.  Share them at weekly link parties.  The possibilities and ways to earn extra income with My Recipe Magic are almost endless.  (Again, you do not have to have a blog to earn money from this!  Anyone can earn money from their recipes as long as they have a Paypal account. ;) )

My Vanilla Spiced Peach Jam on My Recipe Magic
As a food blogger, I know some of you may be asking why in the world would you want to drive traffic away from your blog to My Recipe Magic instead?  The answer is simple- you can do both! When you upload your recipe, just be sure to check that you would not like the recipe to be posted in it's entirety and include a link to the recipe post on your blog, and voila!  You are earning income and driving traffic back to your blog! (If you want to see what that looks like, just click on any of My Recipe Magic links in this post. ;) )

My Spiced Pineapple Mojitos on My Recipe Magic
Oh, and did I mention that My Recipe Magic also now has a rewards program??  Yep.  You can earn points every time you upload a new recipe, pin a recipe from My Recipe Magic, like a recipe.  These points can add up quickly and earn you online gift cards, discounts, and entries into fun giveaways! :)

To get started using My Recipe Magic you need to sign up as a chef. Once you create an account you're ready to start uploading your recipes!  Adding a recipe is really easy, all you do it fill out the recipe form on the website, upload a picture, and click submit. Our recipe loving people verify each recipe so there are no duplicates on the site.  Once your recipe is published to the page you will receive an e-mail letting you know it's on the site.  To view all of your recipes click on "My Recipes". Head over to your dashboard to view your recipes, your page views, how much money you earn, and your analytics!  
Here is a PDF on how to use My Recipe Magic in depth:

I hope to see you all over on My Recipe Magic soon whipping up a little culinary magic of your own! :)