Frugal Foodie Mama: ALDI Compare & Share {June Edition}

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

ALDI Compare & Share {June Edition}

**This post is in no way, shape, or form sponsored by ALDI.  The opinions below are expressly my own, and I was not compensated for this post in any form.  ALDI is not responsible for the content in this post.

There was a discussion not so long ago on my Facebook page about the quality of ALDI's products and how they did or did not stack up to their name brand counterparts.  This got me thinking of what an absolutely fantastic monthly blog series this could be!  (If you happened to miss my first two posts in the series, check out the April Edition & the May Edition to get all caught up. ;) )

I am noticing all kinds of great deals on produce (especially strawberries!) as more and more fruits and vegetables are coming into season.  Make sure you check out your local ALDI's produce section some time this month!  Also, I spied Biscoff spread at my ALDI store this week for $3.49.  I am not sure if it is available at all ALDI stores nationwide, but for those of you who have been wanting to try cookie butter or have been having a hard time finding it you may want to check your local ALDI store for it. ;)

I will be using a neat little 1 to 10 rating scale for this.  If an item receives a 1, it wasn't even close to the name brand product & we won't be buying it again.  If it gets a 10, that means we couldn't even tell a difference & we will definitely be buying it again.  A 5 warrants a take it or leave it kind of response.  You know, like a meh. ;)  I had myself, my husband (P), and my son (J) rate each item where applicable.

So let's get started on some of the new things we have tried this past month...
Millville Honey Nut Crispy Oats, $1.69 for a 12.25 oz box- 5
Me- 6
P- 4
My husband was not a huge fan of this cereal.  I actually liked it somewhat even though I didn't think it tasted anything like it's brand name counterpart.  Baby girl loved these though. :)
I will probably buy them again in the future despite their 5 rating.

Millville Peanut Butter Kid's Krunch, $1.99 for a 12.5 oz box- 7
P- 6
J- 8
This is another ALDI cereal that received an ambivalent rating from my family.  The big name brand of this cereal is one of my husband's and son's favorites.  My son said he didn't notice a huge difference between the brand name one & the ALDI's brand.  My husband said they were nothing alike.  *sigh*  
Again, baby girl loved these. ;)  And I used some of this cereal in a super yummy recipe that is coming to the blog soon...

Nature's Nectar Premium Lemonade with Raspberry, $1.99 for 59 FL oz- 5
Me- 3
P- 7
I really didn't like this lemonade at all.  I thought it tasted too much like one of those sugary lemonade flavored drinks from a mix.  My husband liked it.  (So, he basically likes fake tasting stuff and I like the real thing? ;) )  I will probably only be buying the big name version of this from now on.

Baker's Corner Southern Style Beer Bread Mix, 99 cents for a 18 oz box (makes one loaf)- 9.5
Me- 9
P- 9
J- 10
This actually made a really nice loaf of beer bread.  It was very comparable to the mix I have bought before from a certain hostess party. ;)  We were all pleasantly surprised by this one, and I will definitely be buying this mix again.  Maybe we will try one of the flavored ones next time... I do believe I saw a bacon & cheese flavored beer bread mix last time I shopped at ALDI. ;) 

Savoritz Cheese Crackers, $1.29 for a 9 oz box- 10
Me- 10
P- 10
Baby Girl- 10
These are were SO good!  I would venture to say they may have even been better than the name brand cheese crackers.  These will definitely become a snack staple in our house from here on out. :)

Peanut Delight Crunchy Peanut Butter, $1.99 for an 18 oz jar- 10
Me- 10
P- 10
J- 10
Yep.  It was unanimous on this peanut butter- we all loved it!  Unless I find a sale that is better on the name brand peanut butters at my local grocery store, we will be buying this ALDI brand from now on. :)

Friendly Farms Whipped Dairy Topping, $1.39 for a 6.5 oz can- 10
This was another unanimous perfect 10.  We didn't notice any difference between this whipped topping and the brand name one we usually purchase.  We will definitely be buying this again. :)

Benton's Cookies Original Chocolate Sandwich Cookies, $1.79 for a 15.5 oz package- 7.5
Me- 8
P- 7
These were like 98% there to the big name brand of these cookies.  There was just a slight difference in flavor, but not enough to discourage me from purchasing them again.  Of course, if there is a sale on the brand name ones that makes their price comparable to the ALDI brand, then I will be buying the big name ones instead.

So, what did you think?  Have you and your family tried any of these products as well?  What would you have rated them?

*This is the third post in a monthly blog series I have started.  Be sure to check back here the first Tuesday of each month for a new ALDI Compare & Share Post from me.