Frugal Foodie Mama: Why I'm a Second Time OBCer {& Why You Should Become One Too} #obc13

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Why I'm a Second Time OBCer {& Why You Should Become One Too} #obc13

Online BlogCon 2013

Some of you all may have noticed the badge above ^^^ down there on my sidebar for a couple of months now.  Maybe you glanced at it and didn't think another thought about it.  
Maybe you clicked on it and realized just how awesome the OBC is and have already registered to attend.  
Maybe you still have no clue what being an OBC blogger means, but you want to know more...

Well, if you fall into that last category then you are in luck today, my friend! ;)
I am about to break it down to you all as to what being an OBCer is to me.  I won't go into a lengthy, gushing post here.  It is Labor Day weekend and many of us have barbecues to get to and a weekend or day-long road trip to make.  
But if you happen to be a blogger and any blogger (no, it isn't all food bloggers there) and you want to learn and grow as a blogger as well as learn ways to help your blog become successful, then you need to listen up for just a few minutes...

Attending a blog conference in person is definitely on my blogger bucket list.  It will happen, but with the financial restraints as a single income family, not to mention the improbability at the moment of being able to leave my 19 month daughter for more than a few hours, that is one item on the bucket list that will have to be crossed off at a later date.  

So what is a blogger with cash and time restraints to do??
You want to learn.  You want to grow.  You want your blog to become a dream realized.

The answer my friends is OBC- the Online Blog Conference!

The OBC is super affordable with 3 packages you can choose from depending on where you are in your blogging career.  Each package is only $29.99 or you can choose to purchase all 3 for just $79.99!  
Much cheaper than a regular weekend conference with travel and a hotel (plus the cost of eating out), right?? 

This will be my second year attending the OBC.  Last year when I first attended I was worlds away from where I am now as a blogger.  I learned so much from the sessions, but the perk of being able to be a member of the OBC Facebook group was well worth the price I paid for the conference.  I can pop on there any time to ask questions, get advice, get opinions and suggestions and someone is always there to help out fairly quickly.  And as I have become a more experienced blogger, I am also able to answer questions and help out other bloggers in the group as well.  It is a wonderful community of bloggers- helpful, supportive, caring. 
I find that to be an invaluable resource in the world of blogging.

So here is the breakdown and then I will leave you to your own devices to pop on over to the OBC site and get yourself registered:
  • It is budget friendly! One session costs less than it does for a couple to go out to eat.
  • No travel expenses. Again, budget friendly.
  • No time away from your family.  
  • You can "attend" the sessions any time that you would like. You don't have to be "there" when the sessions start. And the sessions stay open for at least 30 days after the conference ends, so you can go back to something you may have missed or review a session again that you found especially helpful.
  • You don't have to feel like you are being left behind in the blogging world because you cannot attend a blog conference.  You stay up to date with the latest and you learn and grow as a blogger.
  • And last, but most certainly not least- the private OBC Facebook Group! It is worth it's weight in blogger gold!
Okay,  I am done singing the praises of the OBC. ;) I hope I will see you all there come October 8th! 

Want to learn more about OBC '13? CLICK HERE or CLICK HERE.
Did I already convince you? ;) CLICK HERE to go ahead and register!