Frugal Foodie Mama: 25 Buffalo Sauced Recipes {A Recipe Round-Up}

Saturday, September 14, 2013

25 Buffalo Sauced Recipes {A Recipe Round-Up}

Here are 25 tasty & spicy recipes perfect for game day or any day...
25 Buffalo Sauced Recipes- buffalo sauce lovers rejoice! Here are 25 tasty & spicy recipes perfect for game day or any day.
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Hello football season!  Well, kind of... Football season hasn't quite commenced in our house yet.  My husband is a die hard Pirates fan, so surprisingly he hasn't cared very much about college or professional football... yet. ;)
Right now it is ALL about major league baseball and the Pirates first winning season in like... forever.  
I am happy to see my husband so giddy over his favorite baseball team, but I am not going to lie- I prefer football season...
A.  It is a sport I enjoy watching more, for the most part.
B.  It is only on ONE day a week.  Maybe two, if you factor in one Mountaineers game a week and one Steelers game.

Baseball is on like almost EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK.
I am kind of over our days being planned around a 3-4 hour baseball game... like all the time.

Regardless, I am mostly ready for football season for the food.  ;)  Chips & dip, grilling burgers, and buffalo wings.  Am I right? 
To help you all usher in the official start of football season (you know, if you happen to live in a household that is not also occupied by a Pirates, Cardinals, or Reds fan), I have gathered up 25 of the tastiest Buffalo sauced recipes from some of our favorite food bloggers.  
Buffalo sauce isn't just for wings, my friends... ;)

If you happened to be clueless as to what you should make for the big game before reading this post, I think you may not be anymore. ;)

Want to browse even more Buffalo Sauced recipes?  Be sure to check out and follow my Buffalo Sauced Board on Pinterest!

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