Frugal Foodie Mama: Project Mummy- A Halloween Couture Party Game

Monday, October 28, 2013

Project Mummy- A Halloween Couture Party Game

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Grab a few rolls of Cottenelle Triple Roll, some dollar store and craft store spooky finds, scissors, and tape and get ready for a fierce game of Project Mummy...
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Every Halloween my parents throw a costume party for family and friends.  It is a Halloween holiday tradition that started in my grandparents' garage many years ago and has now been taken on by my parents each year.  They deck out their garage in ghoulish decor, serve spooky party food, and play frightful games.

The games have started wavering the past few years as most in attendance now are over the age of 18 and do not show too much interest in playing musical chairs to Thriller.  (Not that there is anything wrong with that! You are never too old for a good game of musical chairs, especially if Michael Jackson's Thriller is involved. ;) )

Armed with the new Cottonelle Triple Roll, I was determined to create a game this year for the Halloween party that even the grown-ups would appreciate and have fun doing.  
To no one's shock, my Project Mummy game is inspired by the reality series, Project Runway.

Ahem... confession time- I have never actually watched an episode of Project Runway in it's entirety
But I have seen and heard enough about it to get the main premise- the aspiring designers get assigned materials and a theme, they create their couture, the models walk the runway in their creations, and the judges... well, judge.
For the Project Mummy party game, you will need:
  • Cottonelle Triple Roll- I allotted 2 rolls per team, but neither team used more than 1 roll.
  • One pair of scissors and a roll of tape per team (I opted to not use safety or straight pins for the safety of the models. I didn't want anyone to get jabbed in all of the excitement.)
  • Various spook-tastic embellishments- I bought orange party streamers, Halloween ribbon, glow bracelets, stickers, plastic bugs & spiders, and Halloween cobwebs for draping.  I found most of these items at the dollar spot at my local Target or at my local dollar store.  Yes folks, this is the perfect party game on a budget. ;)
Teams consisted of 3 members- 2 designers & 1 model.  The models in Project Mummy were also allowed creative input. ;)  The teams then had 15 minutes to grab their Cottonelle Triple Rolls & embellishments, brainstorm ideas, and create their fashionable pieces fit for a mummy.  

The designers of each team rushed to get their envisioned creepy couture creations onto their models in the allotted time. 

Then each team's model took a little turn on the runway for the judges, aka the rest of the party guests.

The winner was chosen based on a sound meter.  You could also do a show of hands, secret ballots, assign a few judges, or create score cards before the game starts.

Bet you all are just dying to know which mummy couture team won, right?  Well...
It was a tie! 

I am happy and proud to say that Project Mummy was a HUGE hit with the participants and spectators alike.  I have a feeling we will be playing this one again at next year's annual Halloween costume party.

Ready to plan a little Project Mummy game for that Halloween party or get-together coming up this week?  Let me help you out with that with a little offer... ;)

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Happy designing and happy couponing, you all! :)