Frugal Foodie Mama: A Tale of FROZEN Fun

Friday, January 10, 2014

A Tale of FROZEN Fun

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Once upon a time in a kingdom not so far away lived a happy little girl who just wanted the below zero temperatures & ice and snow to go away so she and her mommy could go on a special pre-birthday mommy/daughter lunch and shopping date.  The bone chilling temperatures and chilly wind blew for almost 3 days and nights.
On the third morning she awoke to a break in the cold weather.  All that was FROZEN started to thaw and melt....
Today would be the day! :)

Knowing she that she is almost two years old, her mother let her get her very own Subway Fit Fresh for Kids Meal!  This was her first time getting a kids meal of her own and she was excited.
Her own sandwich?  Her own bag of apple slices?  And best yet, her very own chocolate milk?
She felt like the luckiest little girl in all the kingdom! :)
And best yet, her Subway Fit Fresh for Kids Meal came with fun things from Disney's FROZEN the movie!  
A super cute Olaf key chain, a puzzle based on the movie, & a super neat FROZEN themed reusable bag! 

After a tasty & healthy lunch with her mama, the little girl was whisked away in a shopping cart to the Disney aisle in the Walmart toys department.  
She felt just like a princess!
Her mother let her pick out several fun FROZEN toys to take home.  She most loved the sleigh that popped "snow" when you roll it across the floor... :)

Just when the lucky little girl didn't think her special day could get any better, it did...
After they came home from their mother/daughter lunch & shopping date, the little girl's mama took all of her FROZEN toys out from their boxes and laid them all out on the floor for the little girl to play with! :)

The little girl loved dressing and redressing Anna and Elsa.  From pretty skirts that pulled on and dresses that magically clipped on, she mixed and matched the various pieces.
Quite the royal fashionista... ;)

When the little girl was finished playing with her FROZEN toys, she found the perfect use for the FROZEN themed reusable bag from her lunch earlier- the perfect storage bag for most of her new FROZEN toys!  (Okay, the sleigh didn't quite fit in there, but it was perfect for Olaf, and Anna and Elsa and all of their beautiful dresses.) 

Now you may think this is where this tale ends... but it will not be The End quite yet. ;)

The lucky little girl's mother, seeing how much her sweet daughter loves her FROZEN toys, has decided that another mother/daughter date would have to happen very soon...
But this time it would be a movie date to take the little girl to see her very first Disney movie at the theater! :)

Have you seen FROZEN yet?  Who are your favorite characters from the movie?

Be sure to grab your FROZEN themed Subway Fit Fresh for Kids Meal soon- Subway Walmart locations will be the ONLY destination for an exclusive FROZEN keychain!