Frugal Foodie Mama: Baking For Kate 2014 Preview #1 {The Signed Cookbooks!}

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Baking For Kate 2014 Preview #1 {The Signed Cookbooks!}

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The second annual Baking For Kate online bake sale and fundraiser is less than two weeks away! 
For those of you not familiar with Baking For Kate, I started it last May to help raise funds for my dear friend, Kate's Mommy Bucket List.  Kate was diagnosed with Stage IV breast cancer last January.  As her friend and knowing the hand she had already been dealt in her life, I just remember my heart sinking into my stomach when I heard the news. Kate is one of the most giving, kindhearted people that I know. After losing her first daughter, Shannon at just 3 days old to CHD and then mothering each of her 3 children through NICU, Kate helped form Project Sweet Peas.  After suffering the loss of Shannon and becoming a veteran mama of the NICU, Kate saw the serious gaps in support for grieving parents and parents with babies in the NICU and decided to fill those gaps.  
And since being diagnosed with breast cancer, Kate has become an advocate for cancer research and has volunteered for many charitable functions and fundraisers to benefit the cause.  All while raising three young children, being a wife to her police officer husband, and receiving various cancer treatments over the past year.  In fact, Kate received the prestigious Karen Shapira Survivor Award presented by Giant Eagle for outstanding excellence in promoting breast cancer awareness and making a positive impact in the lives of others just this past weekend!  She is a warrior and fighter with the biggest heart. 
Kate is fighting to be here with her family and loved ones as long as is possible.  But she was given a less than 5% chance that her cancer would be cured when she was originally diagnosed.  Kate is a ever hopeful optimist, but she is also a realist and created her Mommy Bucket List, a list of everything that she longs for and hopes to accomplish with her three young children and husband.  A few items still on her list...
"Take the kids to the drive-in."
"Meet Ellen and visit LA."
"Take the whole family to Salem in October."
"Go to the Georgia Aquarium."
"Teach the kids to swim under water."
"Visit NYC and Ground Zero."
"Take kids to Sea World."
"See them accept Christ in their lives."
"Watch kids get married."
"Watch kids have babies."
"Live to see cancer cured."

100% of the proceeds from Baking For Kate this May 24-25th will go directly to Kate and her family and her Mommy Bucket List fund. Obviously, there are items on this list that no amount raised from this fundraiser will be able to give to Kate and her family.
But we can raise enough to help her cross a few things off of that list. <3

This year I am grateful and blessed that seven very popular food bloggers are generously donating signed copies of their best selling cookbooks. For some of them, this is their second Baking For Kate- thank you!
And here is a little preview of the signed cookbooks that will be up for grabs in this year's Baking For Kate event...

This cookbook is one that I personally own and just LOVE.  Beth's recipes are not only delicious, but are also easy on the wallet.  Plus, the book is PACKED full of tips on how to save even more when stocking up your pantry, fridge, and freezer.  
Be sure to visit Beth's blog- Budget Bytes.

(Hard Cover)
This is a can't miss for all you peanut butter lovers out there! Averie of Averie Cooks is THE expert and aficionado on all things peanut butter and this cookbook will not disappoint. Each recipe in this book makes rich, creamy peanut butter the star! :)

(Hard Cover)
This one is a must-have for the small batch canning enthusiast!  Preserving by the Pint is Marisa's follow-up cookbook from her Food In Jars cookbook.  Preserving by the Pint is perfect for the beginning canner or for the experienced canner who may not have oodles of space available for a full day of canning. 
Be sure to visit the Food In Jars blog

If you have been following Sally's Baking Addiction for a while, you will be thrilled with her new cookbook! It is packed full of 75 of her recipes for the best sweet treats and desserts!  Sally truly is the queen of all things baking and of course, sprinkles!

The sisters of Six Sisters' Stuff have gathered 150 of their recipes into 52 awesome menu plans!  Yes folks, they have planned out an entire year's worth of recipes for you all. :)  Six Sisters is known for their delicious, easy, family pleasing recipes.
This book will be signed by ALL 6 of the sisters.

Summer is almost here and that always means S'mores in my book! And Susan of Doughmesstic is the quintessential expert when it comes to S'mores. ;) Her cookbook is full of S'mores recipes in EVERY form imaginable. Perfect for the chocolate, marshmallow, graham cracker loving foodie in your life. 

All I can say about this cookbook from Amanda of i am baker is AH-MAZING! Why bake a plain old cake when you can bake a gorgeous cake with a surprise inside? Like a red velvet heart? Or a surprise balloon in the middle? She gives step-by-step instructions on how to create these beautiful and imaginative cakes. 

Okay, I know you all are probably excited now for the bake sale and can't wait for the weekend of May 24-25th! Don't worry... it will be here before we all know it! :) But there are a few matters of housekeeping and guidelines I would like to take care of now in advance...

The biggest thing to take from these guidelines is to have a PayPal account set up and ready to go before bidding starts at 9am EST on Saturday, May 24th. ;)
Please note that all bidding will take place on photos in specific albums I will create on the Baking For Kate Facebook page

To keep up to date with all thing Baking For Kate, be sure to click on the button below and give the Baking For Kate Facebook page a Like... 

You can CLICK HERE to directly RSVP to the Baking For Kate event. 
I hope you all will consider attending and being a part of this very special fundraiser.
A HUGE, from the bottom of my heart THANK YOU to all of the food bloggers & cookbook authors who are making generous donations to make this event possible. <3

Stay tuned to the blog in the coming week and a half as I will be sharing two more Baking For Kate previews with you all! There is more than just these awesome signed cookbooks for you all to bid on next weekend. :)

If you would like to follow along with Kate and her journey, you can find her at:
Her Facebook page, Crawford's Rocking Cancer